Dr Oz: Ruptured Tendon & Joint Ache Solutions: Snap, Crackle, Pop


Dr Oz did a segment on joints that Snap, Crackle and Pop – kind of like Rice Krispies.  Sometimes when joints make strange sounds, it can be a sign of something serious, and other times it is not a big deal.  Do you know how to prevent ruptured tendons?  Or do you know how to use Willow Bark and Glucosamine for joint aches and pains?  Here is what Doctor Oz said about snap, crackle and pop sounds in our body: Dr Oz Snap Crackle Pop

Dr Oz: Ruptured Tendon & Snap Sounds

Dr Oz said you never want a painful snapping experience, because that could mean something bad happened to your tendon, which connects your bones and muscles.  Your Achilles Tendon for example is used for pushing off and pushing forward by connecting your calf muscle to the back of your heel.  When you walk on your tiptoes, you are using your Achilles Tendon.  Athletes can snap this tendon, but also as you get older, your tendons get drier and less bouncy.  Dr Oz said that especially if you have Gaut or Hypothyroidism, you are at a higher risk of getting a Ruptured Tendon.  If you get a Ruptured Tendon, immediately ice the affected area and you will notice that you do not hear the snapping noise anymore and your probably won’t be able to move that limb.

Dr Oz: How to Prevent Ruptured Tendons

Dr Oz showed an exercise that can help prevent you from rupturing a tendon.  Place your hands on the ground, which your butt up in the air, and bend your knees to strengthen that area.

Dr Oz: Cracking Joints

Dr Oz said that when joints crack, it is often in your knees where you have bubbles between your femur bone on the top and a smaller bone on the bottom.  When you joint cracks, it is pulling air out of the liquid that lubricates your joints.  Cracking in your joints is not serious, unless it is associated with pain or if you have less motion after it happens.

Dr Oz: Willow Bark for Joint Pain

Dr Oz said that Willow Bark and Glucosamine can help with joint pain and cracking knees.  Glucosamine helps to lubricate the joint, and so it decreases the joint pain often felt in your knees.

Dr Oz: Shoulder Pop Sound

Dr Oz said that your shoulder can make a popping sound because it is not held in place well.  Muscles are what hold your shoulder in place and help you to move.  If you injure your Rotator Cup Muscles, then your shoulder will not pop back into place and you need a doctor to set it (which is very painful!).  Dr Oz showed an exercise with a resistance band where you keep an elbow locked into your hip and hold the resistance band in the other hand at your other hip.  Then rotate your forearm out and in to build up your shoulder muscles.


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