Dr Oz: S2H Step Pedometer, Helen’s Asian Kitchen Spiral Slicer & Kitchen Gadgets


Dr Oz: 5 Gadgets Under $10

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Daniel Sieberg, The Gadget Guru, to demonstrate 5 Simple Gadgets for under $10 to drop a jean size.

Dr Oz: Healthy Steps Portion Control

1. Healthy Steps Portion Control Tool: Doctor Oz seemed to love how this tool gives you portion control for pasta.  Put pasta into the boiling water.  It has a line for 1 serving or 2 servings.  It even measures out longer pasta, so no more cheating.

Dr Oz: Easy Cheesy Cheese Grater

2. Easy Cheesy Cheese Grater: Small containers that give you 1 portion size.  Grate right into the container and from the container, sprinkle it onto your food.

Dr Oz: Salad Dressing Mixer

3. Salad Dressing Mixer: Put in your ingredients (vinegar, oil) and mix it up inside the container. Dr Oz S2H Pedometer Squeeze up one portion and put it on your salad.

Dr Oz: Spiral Slicer by Helen’s Asian Kitchen

4. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Spiral Slicer: Sometimes called the “pasta fake-out” because you get the same texture of pastas while only using vegetables.  Turn the nozzle and out comes a different textured vegetable.  Use different blades for chips or strings.  Sells for $20 at kitchen stores or find it online.

Dr Oz: S2H Pedometer

5. S2H Step Pedometer: Super pedometer.  When you get to 10,000 steps, you get a special code.  Go to the S2H.com website and get 60 points, which translates into $5, which builds up over time.  You can redeem at different merchants online.  The S2H Pedometer sells for $25 online.  Visit www.S2H.com for more information.


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