Dr Oz: Saffron & Cancer, Rosemary & Allergies, Horseradish & Digestion

Dr Oz did a segment on the Best Herbs for Your Health.  Herbs and spices have many healing properties that can help you to look and feel younger while fighting off deadly diseases.  If you are over 40, or even if you are under 40, here are some great herbs for improving your health.  Dr Oz Best Herbs For Your Health

Dr Oz: Saffron Kills Cancer

Doctor Oz said that saffron comes from the inside of a crocus plant, and it is the “gold standard” for spices.  Saffron helps to fight off cancer.  Dr Oz explained that cancer cells grow through bringing and building their own blood supply in your body.  The saffron can actually enter the cancer cells and send a signal that causes the cancer to “commit suicide.”  Dr Oz even said that saffron may be the cure for cancer in the future.  Saffron is not a cheap spice, it is around $10 per jar, but you only need a small pinch.

Dr Oz: Horseradish Helps Digestion & Liver Detoxification

Dr Oz said that horseradish is very effecting at helping digestion and liver detoxification.  The gall bladder is stimulated to release bile when you eat horseradish, which is one of the reasons that horseradish is such a great alternative to digestive problems.  And here I thought that the main health benefit to horseradish was that it cleared my nasal passages!

Dr Oz: Rosemary Fights Allergies & Arthritis

Dr Oz said that a great benefit of rosemary is that it fights off Arthritis and Allergies.  Rosemary blocks a chemical that triggers our immune system, therefore your immune system calms down and stops reacting to allergies.  Plus, who does not love rosemary bread, rosemary in stuffing, rosemary in chicken… the list goes on and on!


  1. heather Sherman says

    I am 38 and have colorectal metsatises cancer. How do I use saffron? Does it help colorectal cancer? I have 4 children and all I want is to be here for them for a long time.

  2. Chrissi Pappas says

    I have a friend that has been diagnosed with lukemia. How should she use the saffron? In a tea? how much and how many times a day?

  3. says

    Hi Chrissi and Doris! Unfortunately, I am not a doctor, so I cannot tell you exactly how much saffron you should use for different forms of cancer. Dr Oz mentioned that you just need a pinch of saffron, but I understand that is not terribly helpful. I did a bit of research and found this article published by the Amala Cancer Research Centre in Kerala, India, and in their study they increased the lifespan of mice with certain tumors by using an oral administration of 200 mg/kg body weight of saffron (but this study was done on mice with tumors, so I do not know how to translate this into something applicable to humans). Chrissi, I do know that you can use saffron in other dishes (like rice and chicken), so it does not just have to be taken as a tea.

  4. says

    Jodi – we are not affiliated with Dr Oz, so unfortunately there is no way to contact him through our website. You can try submitting a question to him through his website though.

  5. Sr. Joan Loretta says

    I watched Dr Oz’s TV show last week where they provided a recipe for rosemary tea.
    I have not been able to find that recipe. Would you please send it to me or tell me shere to access the recipe.
    Thank you! I love dr oz’s show!

  6. says

    Saffron can be added to rice and makes a wonderful meal. I use a rice cooker, put a cup of rice, a cup or more of water, add chopped onions, some drizzles of olive oil, a little salt and drop in some bay leaves for an amazing dish.

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