Dr Oz: SafSlim – Montel Williams Diet Safflower Oil Supplement


Dr Oz: Montel Williams’ Diet Supplement

We’ve all heard it before, ways to lose belly fat without diet or exercise. In this segment, Dr Oz brought back Montel Williams to give his Dr Oz Fans a cutting-edge supplement that may just give you a new way to think about dieting. According to Montel, SafSlim, which is a supplement that contains saffron oil, will help you blast away that gut and trim it up before you can say belly blaster! SafSlim is sold on television and coast-to-coast and is endorsed by popular ex-tv talk show host, Montel Williams, who stated the product transformed his body.

Dr Oz: Safflower Supplement for Weight Loss

Safflower is one of the world’s oldest plants. It was discovered in Egypt over 4000 years ago and today is used in cooking oils as well as supplements. Some of its claims include blasting stubborn belly fat and curbing hour appetite.


  1. Diana says

    I’m glad Dr. Oz is featuring this high-linoleic safflower oil supplement today. It worked for me and the people I love. And it’s delicious and very easy to take.

  2. says

    I was a little confused by the article above and needed clarification. Was it for Safflower Oil or Saffron Oil? As the above article mentions both, it could be a typo. Yes, it is a typo. When I visited Safslim’s website they had a lot of great information under the FAQ’s section. I am going to go out and buy this and try it today.

  3. Diana says

    Loraiina, the study that produced such amazing results used high-linoleic safflower oil, and that’s the key ingredient in SafSlim.

  4. PoopiePants says

    This makes me go poopie in my pants. So much poo has come out of my bum. What shall I do Dr Oz? Please help xoxo PoopiePants

  5. says

    Confusing article…saffron is a very expensive Indian spice that has nothing to do with Safflower oil. Get your facts straight please. This sounds a little like the Alli diet. I think eating sunflowers would be the best way to try this.

  6. Leah says

    It is a typo, Safslim has nothing to do with Saffron. It is, as stated by Diana above, from high-linoleic safflower oil.

  7. says

    i am a diabetic,have copd,high colestrol,acid reflex,high blood pressure,40lbs over weight,BIG belly,artheritas so no exersize,im 63 yrs old,i do have some problems with loose bowels/so do you thinksafslim could help me?ihave tryed EVERYTHING Thank you

  8. pat says

    i am a 66 yr old diabetic ,stage 2,i am also taking coumadin . Oil, product orseeds please help

  9. Rose says

    I’m with Pat. I would like to know if the Sunflower seeds yield the same results as the Safslim and if s then do we eat the seeds twice a day before meals as well?.

  10. MB says

    I’ve been on the Safslim and the ab cuts for about a week today. So far I’ve gained a pound and an inch on my waist! Is that normal? Do you gain and then lose or do I need to stop? I have some hope left for this but if I keep gaining i’m going to go nuts. I’m 26.

  11. says

    NO, Dr. Oz does not answer questions here–this is “Dr. Oz Fans.” Go to his website to ask questions (and it’s never he who answers, but his staff). What I’d like to know is do the people who manage THIS site ever read the comments, because they need to correct that “saffron oil” mistake. And finally, for the sunflower seeds, Oz said that just eating three teaspoons a day would provide the same amount of safflower oil as SafSlim, and it doesn’t matter when you eat them. It’s getting them into the body that counts.

  12. says

    O.K., I guess I’m really slow!!! Sorry, but am I understanding that you can just eat the sunflower seeds daily instead of the oil or supplements and it will do the same job?

  13. SHELLEY says

    Started taking SafSlim 2.5 weeks ago — also dieting and walking and sit-up most days – no sugar no bread or pasta — I have lost 11 lbs feel great – most weight seems to be comming off my middle and down one pant size — the thing I notice most is that I am not hungry, and do not creave sugars, which makes it easier to keep to my diet. I also have minor psiorisis and it is so much better and getting better every day????

  14. Dina says

    I started Safslim yesterday, and I am excited to hopefully see results 🙂 I bought some that was tangerine flavored Yum lol lol

  15. Rose Sanders-Plaugher says

    Can you buy this product at Walmart, CVS or Walgreens? Or do you have to order it over the internet?? I also had a complete hysterectomy last summer. It seems like my hormones are going every different direction I’ve never weighed this much in my life. Please help.

  16. Elyse says

    They sell SafSlim at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe in 2 flavors. The tangerine cream fusion tasted like a melted creamsicle (YUM), but if you’re supposed to have 2 Tbsp of it a day, that’s 4 WeightWatchers points on the PointsPlus program! I just can’t afford to lose 4 out of my 26 points to that! I bought raw sunflower seeds to try taking 3 tsp (AKA 1 Tbsp) a day, which is only 1 point. I’ll update if I notice anything good!

  17. Katie says

    You can buy the oil at walmart for around $3.oo It’s in the isle with the other cooking oils. It’s much cheaper to buy the oil instead of the supplements or the seeds cause you only need 2 tsp

  18. says

    Sorry but the oil at Walmart IS NOT the same thing. You need Safflower oil that is high in Lineolic acid. The regular cookig oil is not.

  19. Katie says

    I’m using the oil that Dr Oz showed on his program. Not to mention…the proof is in the pudding and I have lost a 1/2 inch off of my stomach in 3 weeks time.

  20. FRANCINE says

    i gained 2lbs on the safslim i first bought the 3 dollar oil at walmart to learn it waas the wrong kind so im on the right one and still no results of lost only gain i havent changed my diet only working out do i need to watch what i eat too , cause it didnt sound like that in the women worlds article.

  21. Andy says

    There is an oil that you can get at most grocery stores called Hollywood it is around 5 bucks its naturally expeller pressed no chemicals and is high oleic safflower oil. Although I must say my step mom who told be about this weight loss strategy has always been a large woman and has been using the oil from walmart 2tbsp a day and two tbsp of raw sunflower seeds a day with amazing results she has lost flab from her arms and her breasts have even gone down a bra size she is 62 years old and always been over 250 lbs she lost about 80 lbs using a tony little gazzelle over a few years bringing her to 170 when she found out about this diet she has been losing the inches that would not go away.

  22. Symantha says

    Just started the Safslim 3 days ago, the taste is great will give follow up in 2 weeks.

  23. Tfisher says

    I just bought the new pina colada flavored safslim today, have had 2 doses today and have noticed it starting to work on my bowels. The flavor is good, i mixed it with juice to make it go down easier. I did try it without the juice and it was still good, it’s just thick so that ‘s why i mixed it. I’m hoping this will work. Only time will tell.

  24. DCol says

    I bought the 800 mg GLA from a website claiming to be part of Dr Oz’s, “Vitamins Because”.
    3 weeks and I’m still waiting for it to be shipped with all kinds of excuses only via web, they won’t answer the phone.
    So I’m going with Omega 3-6-9 from The Vitamin Shoppe, it has 5 stars ratings.
    Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 also has all 5 star ratings.

  25. E.Flores says

    Staf Slim removes body fat and increases lean muscle mass..that is why you lose inches but gain weight. Muscle wieghs 3x more than fat. This is why it takes longer to loose the wieght because you are gaining mass (a good thing, muscles that were flabby are now getting firmer). but eventually you will lose the wieght

  26. lisa b says

    How is this different from CLA, also a luneolic product that has been featured on Dr Oz? Not sure if it is a good idea to take the SafSlim and the CLA.

  27. olusanya seun omotade says

    hi Dr Oz,i am 37 years old.three years ago,i was tummy flatten but now,i have a portruded belly which i see like bad shape.my questions are 1.Is saflim proven to effect?2.If i use it,will it work for me been a black man?3.If used,will it make my tummy/belly flatten permanently?Lastly,what quatity must i use if im placed on it and how can it be sent to me here in Nigeria?what cost is it all for the stipulated prescription of saflim.And finally,can i be a major distributor for saflim or related medications from Dr Oz?glad to know all these on time sir.thanks.oluwaseun

  28. Paul says

    Not at all happy with the SAFSLIM product ENDORSED on the Dr. OZ show… To us it is A HUGE SCAM… My wife took this product on the ENDORSEMENT from the DR OZ show with Montel… We have spent “like other viewers” several HUNDRED DOLLARS with NO RESULTS to show…Other than a slimer POCKETBOOK… I don’t plan on watching DR OZ’s program any further and personally think it’s all about the $$$ in his pocket not the public he claims to want to help.

  29. says

    Dr. Oz.I got a free bottle of safslim on line.because i wanted to try it.and i went to pick it up. but they told me that they don’t have it.and that they will not get it.we are on a very tight budget.and i just wanted to try it.i even called around my area to see if i could find it.but nobody has it.i just cannot believe that they put this on to give.and not have it.It’s a shame.

  30. mohd.roney says

    Where can i get the safflower slim here in brunei? Any supplier brunei for this product?

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