Dr Oz: Sage Tea Sore Throat Remedy & Pineapple UTI Remedy


Dr Oz: Infection Remedies

In this segment, Dr Oz invited audience member, Nicole, up to the stage. Nicole stated that she got sore throats at least 4 times per year. According to Doctor Oz, this was normal. Nicole stated that when she had a sore throat, she normally used some antibiotics, cough drops or gargled with sea salt. (Of course, Dr Oz loved the sea salt remedy.) Read on to find out some of Dr Oz’s best natural fixes for infections. According to The Doc, these remedies have been used in other countries for years!

Dr Oz: Sage Tea Sore Throat Home Remedy

Sore Throat: Dr Oz Garlic Oil Ear Infection Remedy
Nicole stated that when she got sore throats, her throat was itchy and scratchy.

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