Dr Oz: Sagging Jowls & Radiesse Injection


Dr Oz did a segment on a miracle shot called a Radiesse injection that can give you similar results to having a face lift, but without surgery.  If you have sagging jowls that you want removed, this looks like a great alternative to consider.  Who would not rather have a miracle shot that fixes a drooping jowl line in 5 minutes, instead of face lift surgery.

Sagging Jowl Causes

Doctor Oz said that bone loss along with Dr Oz Radius Shotyour skin losing its elasticity, is what causes sagging jowls.  You used to need surgery to fix sagging jowls, but you can now use an inject-able filler that gives you a smoother and more youthful jowl line, which can last up to 18 months… not bad for a procedure that takes just 5 minutes!  Dr Oz said that in addition to the accumulation of fat and the retraction of your skin pulling away from the bone, sagging jowls are also increased by the work of gravity.

Radiesse Shot for Sagging Jowls

Dr Oz brought another doctor on his show to demonstrate how the Radiesse Shot works.  First, she marked the thumbprint spot or the Prejowl Notch, plus a small area behind the jowl as well.  Then she carefully injects the Radiesse Injection to fill up the empty space.  This is a great quick fix, since it can be done in 5 minutes, and is a great way to avoid surgery.

Radiesse vs Juvederm

Dr Oz asked how Radiesses differs from Juvederm, and his guest said that Radiesse has more structure to it and is about the consistence of a toothpaste.  Whereas Juvederm is more liquid.

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