Dr Oz: Salt Shakedown: What Foods Have too Much Salt?

Dr Oz said that sodium is a silent killer, and it is crucial that we know how to figure out what foods contain hidden salt.  How do you think the following foods found at the grocery store compare in terms of salt content?  Doctor Oz’s findings just might surprise you! Dr Oz Salty Foods

What Breakfast Food Has The Most Salt?

Dr Oz asked two of his audience members which of the following breakfast foods they thought had the most salt: instant oatmeal, bran cereal with raisins or a low fat granola bar.  I was sure it would have been the low fat granola bar, but Dr Oz said that the bran cereal with raisins has the most salt.  There is 250 mg of sodium in just one cup, which is about 10% of the sodium that you should have in an entire day!

What Side Dish Has The Most Salt?

Dr Oz asked whether instant mashed potatoes or boxed rice pilaf has more salt.  The answer is that boxed rice pilaf has over 1000 mg of sodium per serving because of its flavor pack.  This is exactly why my mother always taught me to use 1/4 of the flavor packs, but Dr Oz’s suggestion was great too — skip the flavor pack altogether and just add your own fresh herbs or dried herbs instead.

What Condiment Has The Most Salt?

Dr Oz asked whether reduced fat peanut butter, low fat vanilla yogurt or low fat salad dressing had the most salt.  And the correct answer is that the lite salad dressing has the most salt!  In just 2 TB of lite salad dressing, you can have 430 mg of sodium.  Dr Oz suggested making your own salad dressing out of olive oil and vinegar instead.


  1. Olga Altstatt says

    At last! You didn’t mention BAKERY. 25 % OR MORE,especially in WAL-MARTS. iT’S outragious. Do they hate their byers or BILLIONS make them to do that!

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