Dr Oz: Sauna Pants & Smooth Away Buffing Pad TV Products

Dr Oz: TV Product Reviews & Susan Scharf

In this segment, Dr Oz brought out Susan Scharf, Consumer Mom, to tell you if those products advertised on television actually work or whether they are just bogus.

Dr Oz: Sauna Pants Review

The Sauna Pants: This product is supposed to relieve our body of excess water.  Susan was confused. Dr Oz Sauna Pants The product never stated that it was for weight loss so she wasn’t sure what the relevance of it was.  Susan and Doctor Oz put on the pants.  Did it work?  Who knows?  Susan said she tried the pants and sat down for 15 minutes as instructed.  She was also confused because the product stated you should not wear the pants during that time of the months.  (But when else would you want to get rid of excess water?)  Dr Oz concurred that there was no medicinal benefit to this product.  The Sauna Pants received a big, fat thumbs down!

Dr Oz: Smooth Away Buffing Pad Review

Smooth Away Buffing Pad: For this product, you rub the pad 3-5 times in one direction and then 3-5 times in the other direction and it’s supposed to remove hair.  Note: The hair has to be at least a quarter of an inch long.  Susan tried it on Dr Oz’s hairy arm.  All it did was curl the hair.  Needless to say, this product was a bust. (That’s two for two!)


  1. Leda_Swansong says

    I tried the the ‘Smooth Away’ pads a couple of years ago, and just found the package in a ‘junk’ drawer today.

    My experience was this: I sat on the back porch (in bright sunlight), and followed directions. I took a four by four inch patch of skin near my ankle and carefully did the circular motion medium pressure routine. I found that (two years after the fact!!) the hair that was removed did not return but for a few light wisps. However, it was impossible to do the entire leg (especially the back of the leg) with the same pressure, not to mention that I couldn’t clearly see the results without a full length mirror and my glasses on (in sunlight).. I am in my 50’s so it could be said that the pad ‘worked’ as my hair has become less stubborn over the years. I tried it on my upper lip, and found that the soft skin on my face became irritated, red and ‘scaly’ for a short time. Even after applying a perfume free lotion.

    I did not like the fact that there were ‘sandpaper-like crystals’ in the pads, and the instructions did warn of use by those with diabetes. Even though I had a modicum of positive ‘result’ on my lower leg, my advice would be to ‘toughen’ up, exfoliate and then go for a professional wax. It doesn’t hurt THAT much to have beautiful soft skin. In my opinion the sting of a wax is far less risky.

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