Dr Oz School Challenge- The 99 Cents Workout with Jake Ross


Doctor Oz started his School Challenge to help a group of students at New Utrecht in Brooklyn, NY with his episode on a Teens Weight Loss program and then he did an After School Snacks episode… and now he has done this great episode on a 99 cents workout plan with Jake Ross!  The teens seem to be doing well at New Utrecht High School.  99 Cents Workout


  1. I went to high school with you @ syo says

    did you really just say ….

    1. Lie down on the ground

    2. Keep your left leg straight and your other leg bent

    3. Alternate back and forth while you straighten one leg and bend the other leg and shift from side to side while holding onto one of those plastic 99 cent balls that you can get at many stores

    Leap Frog Pillow

    1. Put a pillow on the floor to the right of you.

    2. Bend your knees and hope over the pillow.

    3. Be careful! It seemed a bit dangerous to me potentially because some of the students would not make it over the pillow and seemed to slip when they landed on the pillow.

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