Dr Oz Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice Helps You Lose Weight


Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Capsules

Dr Oz did a segment on a new miracle berry called Sea Buckthorn Berries.  Doctor Oz has spoken about the powers of the Sea Buckthorn Berry in the past, in segments like this Sea Buckthorn Oil Teeth Treatment and this Sea Buckthorn Oil Acne Remedy.  However, today Dr Oz spoke about three new uses of these Miracle Berries: for weight loss, to prevent constipation and as a facial moisturizer.

Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Juice

Dr Oz said that Sea Buckthorn Berries are a tart little berry that come from a shrub and contain Omega-7 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and vitamins.  It is Dr Oz Sea Buckthornrare to find a natural form of Omega-7 Fatty Acids, which is what sets apart the Sea Buckthorn Berries.  A big experiment was done where they fed mice a high fat diet, but some mice received Sea Buckthorn Berries while the control group did not.  The control group of mice became extremely fat and got Diabetes and Heart Disease.  The mice that were fed the Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice though did not become overweight or have any of the health complications associated with obesity like Diabetes or Heart Disease.  It seems that Sea Buckthorn signals your body to stop storing unnecessary fat.  Doctor Oz said that he like to take these berries in the juice form, which runs about $5 for a four ounce bottle.

Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Supplements

Dr Oz also said that Sea Buckthorn can help to keep your poop regular.  There are several factors that decide how regular you will be.  One is the consistency of your poop, but the lining of your intestinal tract is also very important.  When the lining is not healthy, it can become dry.  Omega-7 Fatty Acids help to keep the lining of your intestinal tract wet by secreting mucus so that everything can pass through quickly and easily.  Doctor Oz suggested taking one 500 mg of a Sea Buckthorn Capsule daily to help with this.

Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Oil

Doctor Oz’s final tip was to use Sea Buckthorn Oil to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.  Skin looks youngest when it is kept moist, so he showed how you can rub Sea Buckthorn Oil into your face to help prevent wrinkles.  You can apply this once a day topically as a moisturizer.


  1. says

    I am recovering from breast cancer and bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I am not on radiation nor chemo but do take Femara Is it safe for me to take Sea Buckthorn Juice or softgels Does taking the juice have the same effect for weight loss as the softgels Also how much of the juice since it comes in 4 oz bottles do you consume in one day I need to lose 30 lbs and help keep the estrogen level down which occurs with fat loss Thank you

  2. Lavina Zelonka says

    What was the name of the item to take to help foods move down toward the colon that contains mucous causing the waste to stick to the sides of the intestines. You demonstrated how stool moves after using this. You mentioned it on your June 2nd Dr. Oz show.

  3. Will Lujan says

    Where can I buy the Sea Buckthorn juice you talked about? I currently am stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

  4. Barb Logan says

    What amount of sea buckthorn juice do you take daily, and when ie before meals?
    Thanks Barb

  5. M says

    Regarding what amount to take, I wrote it down, he said “Take one 500mg capsule daily. It costs about $30.” So that’s what I’m going to try. I’m going to my local health food store (Native Sun) whom I trust and ask them about it.

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