Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Oil Acne & Pimple Cure


Doctor Oz did a segment on treating acne with Sea Buckthorn Oil several months ago.  Have you tried using Sea Buckthorn Oil to treat your acne and pimples?  I have heard from several Dr Oz Fans readers, and it seems like for some people, the Sea Buckthorn Oil has worked very well for them.  Other people said their acne was not cleared up significantly by Sea Buckthorn Oil.  So far though, I have not heard from anyone who said that Sea Buckthorn Oil made their acne worse.  Perhaps I should do a Dr Oz Fan poll on acne remedies!  Leave comments below and share with everyone if Sea Buckthorn Oil helped to get rid of your acne.  I would also be interested in hearing if any other oils, like Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil or Tamanu Oil have helped anyone to get rid of their acne.  I have read great things about the powers of Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil to clear up acne, and I absolutely love natural treatments.  My husband got a pimple the other day, and I put a drop of Tea Tree Oil on the pimple, and it did heal within a day… although I swear that his skin heals faster than mine (I hope my kids get his skin!).Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil & Acne Remedies

Dr Oz has done quite a few different episodes on different acne treatments and remedies.  One of my favorite segments is from just a week ago on making an Aspirin & Lemon Juice Acne Home Remedy.  I have received lots of positive feedback and have always loved the Aspirin Mask!  Here are some recaps of previous Dr Oz shows on the topic of Acne Home Remedies:


  1. Sommer says

    I purchased sea buckthorn oil last week for the first time and I am sooooooooooooo impressed. I don’t suffer from severe acne but I do tend to have several pimples weekly. Since starting the sea buckthorn oil 6 days ago; I have not had one pimple appear. My skin is very soft and smooth. Usually by midday my face looks oily and my make-up starts looking bad. It has completely balanced out the oils. My face looks just as smooth in the evening as it does when I first apply my make-up in the morning. I will defintely continue to use and recommend everyone try it.

  2. Martha Mcneil says

    I really do believe it is wondeful product. Here in Australia it took a lot of effort to find Sea buckthorn oil but I finally found a fantastic site called ethicalcare.com.au

    Either way I highly recommend people try it because my psoriasis is improving after a couple days of continuous use!

  3. Tiffany says

    Is the Seabuck Thorn oil directly applied to the face for the acne or taken internally?

    I know it can also be used for the teeth so I wasn’t sure about the acne application of the oil.

  4. Shara says

    do i apply this sea buckthorn oil directly onto my face? and does anyone know a good website where i can purchase sea buckthorn oil?

  5. Alicia says

    I’ve tried using jojoba oil on my face. It seems to make my break-outs worse not better. It’s probably good in some other capacity but not for my face.

  6. sandra says

    Sea buckthorn berries are an amazing “super food” that has unbelievable healing and immune boosting powes. Does wonders against cancer as well. Very well known and popular in Europe as a natural healer. Source is very important, they must be the wild ones which contain the most powerful nutrients

  7. Justine Marshall says

    Hi guys looks like we have some real cool Dr. Oz fans here which is quite incredible. Isn’t he just so gorgeous!!? I just love him & yes I also watched the segment of Dr Oz (LOVE HIM!!) showing the sea buckthorn oil for acne & rosacea. I was quite impressed actually & thought I should purchase it for my daughters rosacea & wow after just 2 weeks her skin was much muchhhh softer which was quite impressive from my perception.

    Hip hip horraaaaayyyyyyy for ethical care!!

    By the way I have to join this site as I am huge fan of Dr Oz I mean wowwww lol I’m sorry but it must be said he is a charmerrrr (droooling) jks lol

    Take care everyone!

  8. says

    Hi i have been using Tamanu oil for atleast a month or so now, it has worked really well. However i started relising that by touching my skin i could still feel bumps of pimples on my face which have been there since day one since using this oil. thinking they were going to go away but have not yet. as if the Tamanu oil works well for the inflammation but those bumps are just waiting to come out, and well today they have grown and are sore, ive got atleast three now on my face . i applied the Tamanu oil last night but doesnt seem to be getting better. maybe my skin has become immune to it. i think i am going to try the buckthorn oil seehow that goes, and hopefully something soon becuase i have tried everything and its getting frustrating now. I am very tempted to go back onto the contraceptive pills becuase they worked so well to clear my skin but didnt work well for my emotions. Thank you for reading.

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