Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Oil Teeth Treatment & Dental Makeover

Dr Oz revamped Bonnie’s life with a Dental Makeover done by Dr Gerry Curatola, dentist and founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry in New York, East Hampton, London and Paris.  Dr Curatola also shared with Doctor Oz the one secret product that can keep your teeth healthy and white: Sea Buckthorn Oil for your teeth!

Dr Oz: Dental Makeover

Imagine feeling like people are staring at your teeth whenever they look at you and being too self-conscious to laugh, date Dr Oz Sea Buckthorn Oilor even interview for your dream job.  Bonnie is a woman who was in desperate need for a Mouth Makeover, and Dr Oz helped this dream come true.  She had lots of dental problems her whole life, but could not afford proper dental care.  She had her first root canal at the age of 10 years old, and that was so painful that she refused to go back to the dentist for years.  From that point on she stopped smiling.  Now she has difficulty eating because of her teeth and is too embarrassed to even try to date.

Dr Oz: Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction

Dr Gerry Curatola did a Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction on Bonnie to remove some of the old dental work and to rebuild her teeth so that she can eat better and smile with confidence.  Dr Oz asked Dr Curatola how difficult was Bonnie’s case compared to other people?  He said that Bonnie’s problems had accelerated at a very fast rate, so she already had decay, gum disease, missing teeth, crowns falling out, and of course the physical pain of not being able to eat and the emotional pain of not being able to smile.  To restore her teeth, Dr Curatola removed all of the decay and then began rebuilding her tooth by placing a bonding material that is hardened by a blue light.  Then an impression was taken and sent to the dental laboratory, where Roberto Rossi did the ceramic work.

Dr Oz: Sea Buckthorn Oil For Teeth

Doctor Oz asked Dr Gerry Curatola what people can do who are not quite as severe or want to try and reverse damage?  Dr Curatola said that he found a home remedy that is his new secret weapon: Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is loaded with vitamin e, is a great anti-inflammatory, and one of the richest sources of omega 3’s.  Just rub the Sea Buckthorn Oil on your gums.  You can even use it on your lips or have a Sea Buckthorn Oil Drink daily.  Dr Oz spoke about Sea Buckthorn Oil on another show too, but for other purposes.  Click here to read about how else you can use it: Sea Buckthorn Oil Remedies.


  1. Barbara says

    Tried to find the Sea Buckhorn oil for my teeth so give me a place to go and buy it.

  2. Richard says

    I need to buy the sea buckthorn oil for my gums and teeth is there a site that you can reffer me to.i

  3. Kam Choy says

    I bought Seabuckthorn Berry oil online from Tao of Herbs. It is organic, shipping was quick and it was soothing to my irritated gums immediately.

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