Dr Oz: Seasonal Affective Disorder: Light Therapy & Food


Dr Oz: Beat The Winter Blahs

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced, Cathy, who stated that as soon as she turned back the clock, her mood turned back with it. Even her wardrobe became darker. Cathy stated that she felt the winter blues hit as soon as the days got shorter. When Dr Oz asked Cathy what she did to combat these blues, she stated that she had no remedy, which was why she was asking Dr Oz for help.

Dr Oz: Seasonal Affective Disorder Clothing

Wear different colors of clothing, such as bright and light colors. Avoid black and red. Dr Oz Seasonal Affective Disorder Black doesn’t reflect light and red was a color that made you more angry. (Gee, and I thought it was just my kids that did that!) The old adage, no white after Labor Day doesn’t apply here. Go ahead, be fashion forward and pull out that white blouse. Pale yellow was another mood boosting color. Colors such as yellow and white boost serotonin and is soothing, so be sure to wear them in places you can see them, such as your sleeve or on your chest.

Dr Oz: Light Therapy

Light therapy is another way to deal with winter blues, in fact, Dr Oz believed it to be one of the BEST ways to boost your serotonin. Buy light boxes with very bright light. These lights turn off the melatonin, which is what you need to go to sleep. Use the light within an hour or 2 of waking up in the morning. You can purchase a light box or use natural light if you live in an area that has lots of natural light early in the morning. The cost for one of these lights; $70. It will be well worth it.

Dr Oz: Seasonal Affective Disorder Foods

Cathy told Dr Oz that she ate a lot of fattening foods in the winter. She was a fan of mashed potatoes and hearty stews.

Dr Oz: Dried Dark Cherries

3 Foods Available And Affordable Foods To Bust Winter Blahs


  1. Steve Rabb says

    I started using a bright light therapy box 6 months ago. I just read that these light boxes contribute to macular degeneration. I have now stopped using it. I feel Dr. Oz should address this.

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