Dr Oz: Seaweed Bath, Beer Bath & Turmeric Bath


Dr Oz: Exotic Baths for Your Biggest Health Complaints

In this segment, Dr Oz called up 3 audience members to take a bath.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  Dr Oz had 3 audience members dip into a tub filled with his bath secrets that help your common complaints.  They had to guess the secret ingredient to win a spa day.

Dr Oz: Turmeric Bath

Sunny, the first bather, stepped into a brownish liquid.  Dr Oz gave her a hint: the secret bath ingredient is commonly used in Indian foods.  Sunny guessed Turmeric and she was right!  Dr Oz suggested placing ½ C of Turmeric into your bath water.

Dr Oz: Beer Bath

The second bather, Jody, had to taste it.  She said her bath looked flaky and that it had a slight taste.  When she got in, she noticed that it had a strong smell.  Wait!  She knows it, it’s on the tip of her tongue.Dr Oz Cellulite Bath  Jody guessed beer. She’s right!  (This is okay, but what about a vodka bath?)  Dr Oz suggested adding 1 bottle of beer and 2 C of hops to your bathwater.

Dr Oz: Seaweed Bath for Cellulite

Donna, the last bather, said the texture of her water was slimy.  It smelled familiar.  Donna guessed seaweed and Donna was right.  Dr Oz stated that a seaweed bath is common in the Mediterranean.  He suggested using 3-4 sheets of seaweed in your bathwater to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.



  1. Teresa M. says

    Does Tumeric stain ur tub? It stains my counters when I spill it. It’s used to color mustard & u can’t get mustard yellow out of clothing if it gets on them. I find it VERY disturbing that foods r being used as drugs, but as a Dr., Dr. Oz is not cautioning people against side effects of them. If a food, or botanical can be as effective as a pharmaceutical, then if can also be as dangerous. As a medical professional, I know that we are ethically bound to inform our patients of ALL known risks & side effects that we know of & of giving written info. in regards to drug side effects. Food when used as a drug, should carry the same responsibility. I love Dr. Oz, but some of these recommendations seem to be given recklessly in order to make good TV. It goes too fast for older people to follow on a GOOD Day. The tips at the end help, but, it still doesn’t cover herbs, supplements & food side effects & dangers. Valerian has been recommended for sleep, however it has the potential to cause dependency & withdrawals equivelent to benzodiazepines. This is irresponsible, to not inform the audience of the side effects or down sides to all these magical cures.

  2. Lulita says

    Tumeric is not dangerous. Try putting your stained clothes/dishes in your sunniest window. The sunlight will make the stain disappear! As for the tub, I’m not sure, Lysol works on most Tumeric stains on my counters but idk about such a large surface area as a tub… maybe buy a sun lamp to shine on your tub after you use it. But be careful with electricity & the bathroom dangers!

    Dr. Oz always is informing people to be their own best health advocate, people should use their brains and make sure everything they take is right for them before they incorporate them into their lives! Foods are not drugs, Valerian is an herbal supplement not a food, as with all supplements people should know to check it with their Docs. Most docs don’t give nutritional advise as they treat symptoms not causes of disease anyway so they probably wouldn’t know current up-to-date nutrition-based disease prevention information like Dr. oz provides. That doesn’t make them any money.

  3. Maria says

    Does it matter what kind of seaweed u use.. And also, does the seaweed mess up your drain in your bathtub

  4. Maria says

    One more question. I have hyperthyroid will it be ok to take a seaweed bath. I read online that u should be cautions when you have that condition.. Thxs 🙂 for answering our question.

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