Dr. Oz: Secret Signs Your Body Is Telling You – Body Language Signs


Doctor Oz did a segment on secret signs your body is telling you, because sometimes your body could be telling you very helpful clues well before you develop a disease.  This Dr. Oz show was a must see (or at least a must read), so send this article to all of your friends and family! Dr. Kimberly Manning from Emory School of Medication also joined Dr. Oz to help us learn about the secret signs our bodies are telling us.

Everyone can tell when they feel tired or are starting to get a cold, but just like our body gives us hints about these topics, our body gives us signs of much more serious diseases too.  Here are 4 secret body signals to keep our eyes on…

1.  Your Height

A study done by the National Academy of Sciences showed that if you are under 5’2″ in height, you have a better chance of living to be 100 years old.  The reason scientists think short people live longer is that they think the gene that determines a person’s height seems to be related to the gene that helps our body to recover from oxidative stress, which damages our cells through radiation every day due to the environment, our activities and our diet.  So what if we aren’t 5’2″ or shorter, how can we prolong our life?

Tips to Prolong Your Life (Especially if You Are Tall):

1.  Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, which is the main cause for death in America, by exercising and eating a healthy diet.


  1. Gail says

    I heard that if you have deformed fingernails, that you might be suspected with heart disease.

  2. Dr. Manning says

    Indeed, the association between heart disease and a linear earlobe crease is true. Plenty of studies have supported this, and the thinking is that it is somehow related to the elasticity in the earlobe (and blood vessels.) One study showed that those with a crease in only one ear had as much as a 33% higher incidence of heart disease and those with creases on both sides were 77% more likely to have it (heart disease.) Years ago, they kept noticing on post-mortems that folks who’d died of heart related disease had these creases on their earlobes, so that became scientific research.

    Great listening on your part to catch that!

  3. Marjorie Coogle says

    I have linear earlobes creases. I have improved my cholesterol, lowered blood pressure and have my heart checked regularly. Will the creases improve with health improvement?

  4. says

    I thought it was hokey that people with thin thighs may have a heart attack, then someone I knew whose thighs became thin, had a fatal heart attack.

  5. June Rchards says

    can cholesterol lowering pills cause fatty liver. & if so is it reversable?
    having lines in forehead is it a sign of kidney or liver problems?

  6. C. Miller says

    I think the earlobe thing is complete bunk and coincidence. Other studies have shown it can be related to what side you sleep on. I’m 42 and have slight creases. I had a viral myocarditis when I was 30 from a flu bug. I recovered. No family history of this. I sometimes have afib…once every 3-4 months. I get checked yearly with echos and cholesterol tests. All my numbers have always been great and perfect and yet I started getting earlobe creases a few years back. I never had them when I had the heart issues earlier. My latest tests showed low cholesterol and a perfect heart. It is called aging. I work out, eat right and am 6’1 and 170 with barely any fat.

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