Dr Oz: Secrets of the Skinny Recipes of 3 Women Who Lost 500 Lbs


Dr Oz’s Secrets of the Skinny show featured three women who lost more than 500 pounds between all of them.  Doctor Oz said that there are many reasons that people cannot seem to lose weight, but after learning about these weight loss tricks, all of us should be able to make progress!  Why do some people lose weight more easily than others?  Women for example store more fat and have less muscles mass than men, so women burn fewer calories even when doing the same activity as a man.  Genetics, Hypothyroidism and a lower metabolic rate can all cause people to not lose weight easily.  Here is a recap what the three women said on the Dr Oz show including their Craving Killers, Metabolism Boosters, Must Have Meals and their Diet Secret Weapons. Dr Oz Cauliflower Pizza Dough Recipe

Dr Oz Secrets of the Skinny – Becky

Dr Oz said that Becky used to be 352 pounds and now she lost 200 pounds in 2.5 years and went from a size 28 down to a size 4.  Amazing!  And to top it all of, she has been able to maintain this weight for 5 years without gaining it back.

Dr Oz: Craving Killers – Brown Rice Tortilla Chips

Becky said that she always craved chips, so now instead of chips, she toasts a brown rice tortilla until it is crispy  and then dips it in salsa.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Booster – Cayenne Pepper Supplement

Becky told Dr Oz that she uses cayenne pepper in her food or you can take a Cayenne Pepper Supplement to boost your metabolism and to burn more calories.

Dr Oz: Turkey Casserole Recipe

Becky said that she loves making a turkey casserole out of ground turkey, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, broccoli slaw and a little salsa.  Here is the full recipe for this healthy recipe: Dr Oz Turkey Casserole Recipe

Dr Oz: Diet Secret Weapon – Grade Your Food

Becky’s secret weapon is to learn how to grade food like you would get grades on a report card.  Here is how you should grade your food:


  1. Michael Broderick says

    Yep. I have been helping Cari with all of her media requests. I think you are going to be hearing much more about this fantastic woman in the near future!

  2. IA says

    I tried Cinnamon and Honey receipie as described for about two weeks but without any results. Cinnamon powder was from saigon. Is there any length of time required to see the weight loss?

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