Dr Oz: Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Dr Oz: Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

By on November 2, 2010

Dr Oz did a show revealing the secrets that the food industry does not want you to know.  After watching this segment, I do not know how I can go grocery shopping tonight!  Do you know what is in your food products?  From misleading labels to hidden, disgusting ingredients, Doctor Oz gave some great advice on how to pick from among your grocery store’s 50,000 products.  Dr Oz was joined by David Zinczenko and Lisa Lee Freeman. Dr Oz Food Industry Secrets

Zinczenko told Dr Oz that if we saw how food was made, we would not find it appealing which is why food manufacturers do not let us in on that.  The food industry wants to fill us with empty calories, because that is cheap, it is nutrition that costs real money.  Lisa Lee Freeman said that 1 out 5 Americans do not read the back of packages, and those who do read it have trouble anyway because packaging can be misleading.

1st Food Industry Secret: Misleading Heart Health Logos

Dr Oz said that many of these heart health logos we are seeing on products are created by the companies themselves, because they know that you want to do the right thing, so they try to trick you with their labels.  Some of these labels are legit, but quite a few of them have no meaning.  This is why it is so important to actually read the labels.  The American Heart Association, AHA, awards a seal of approval for heart health to certain products, but how can a sugary cereal have an AHA seal???  The reason is that the AHA does not look at sugar.  Dr Oz said this is so concerning because sugar in our body can easily turn to fat.  In fact, sugar may be a bigger problem for Americans than fat!  Do you know how companies get approved for an AHA seal?  They pay an administrative fee to have their food tested, and the AHA test lots of aspects of the food, but ignores sugar.  Therefore, it is crucial that you check the sugar content yourself.  Here is Dr Oz’s guide to picking health foods:

Dr Oz’s Heart Healthy Seal of Approval:

– Fat of 4g or less

– Sodium of 480 mg or less

– Fiber of 2g or more

– Sugar of 4g or less

2nd Food Industry Secret: Drinks Making False Health Claims

Lisa told Dr Oz that Pom Wonderful Juice has been claiming to prevent Heart Disease and Cancer, but these claims do not hold up according to Lisa.  She said that Pom is in trouble with some government agencies for making these claims, because it is a huge problem for people to think a juice can cure whatever is bothering them.  Lisa said that similarly, Tropicana, Danon Activia Yogurt and Cheerios got in trouble too.

Another big problem are the drinks that claim to be loaded with vitamins, which Zinczenko said could be the greatest food industry swindle.  Vitamin enhanced water is all too often just expensive sugar water.  On average, people are drinking over 400 calories from these types of beverages each day.  Dr Oz reminded us of the Jelly Bean Rule, which is that you cannot fortify a jelly bean with vitamins and say it is healthy.  However, I have seen children’s vitamins in the form of gummy bears, so clearly this seems allowed.  Dr Oz said that when you are picking a juice to buy, look for 100% juice and not juice drinks or juice cocktails.  Your juice should be cloudy and have some pulp in it.

3rd Food Industry Secret: Deceiving Meat Labels

Dr Oz has been talking about meat labels quite a bit this season.  Do you know which two of these labels are the only really meaningful labels: 100% Grass Fed, USDA Choice, Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Natural, and USDA Certified Organic?  Really you should not spend money on anything other than two categories, on of which is the USDA Certified Organic category, because the government regulates this carefully to be sure there are no growth hormones used, no antibiotics and the animals have to be allowed to graze in grass fields.  The other important label is Grass Fed, because animals that are grass fed have more omega 3’s and nutrients in them.

4th Food Industry Secret: Rats & Bugs in Food

This is by far the most disgusting topic from today’s Dr Oz show.  Bugs are allowed in our food and it is not against the law.  Maggots, larvae, insect parts… they are all allowed in our food.  Dr Oz said that 10 fly eggs are allowed in 3.5 ounces of tomato juice.  Plus, rat hairs and rat feces are allowed in food ranging from pasta to peanut butter.  You are allowed to have 5 rodent hairs in a 17 ounce jar of peanut butter.  I am sure that new mom’s out there heard about the Similac baby food recall a little while ago from insect parts found in the baby formula.  This is totally unacceptable!  The FDA says that insects and rat hairs are allowed in our food, but Dr Oz agrees that we should do our best to minimize this.  So Dr Oz suggested shopping the perimeter of the store, buying fresh produce, and look for products that have the least number of ingredients as possible.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

  1. Katherine McCullars says:

    This was a wonderful show and so rewarding. Thank you.

  2. Shopping in a health food store would make choosing healthy options a lot easier. We only carry natural and organic products.

  3. Wow! The rat and bugs section is very disturbing to read. To know that rat hairs and insects are ALLOWED in our food is disgusting and something should be done about it. In terms of juices, I agree, 100% real fruit juice should be the only type of juice that we consume. I prefer organic juices, but I hate pulpy juices. Should juice really be pulpy and cloudy? I’ve been drinking a clear pear juice with no pulp called GoGo Juice that to me seems as healthy as can be, but is it really not as healthy because it’s clear and has no pulp?

  4. Nicholas Storozuk IV says:

    Is juice from concentrate bad? Is it better than high fructose corn syrup mixed with juice? What’s the deal with the concentrate juice?

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