Dr Oz: Secrets the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know


Dr Oz did a show revealing the secrets that the food industry does not want you to know.  After watching this segment, I do not know how I can go grocery shopping tonight!  Do you know what is in your food products?  From misleading labels to hidden, disgusting ingredients, Doctor Oz gave some great advice on how to pick from among your grocery store’s 50,000 products.  Dr Oz was joined by David Zinczenko and Lisa Lee Freeman. Dr Oz Food Industry Secrets


  1. says

    Wow! The rat and bugs section is very disturbing to read. To know that rat hairs and insects are ALLOWED in our food is disgusting and something should be done about it. In terms of juices, I agree, 100% real fruit juice should be the only type of juice that we consume. I prefer organic juices, but I hate pulpy juices. Should juice really be pulpy and cloudy? I’ve been drinking a clear pear juice with no pulp called GoGo Juice that to me seems as healthy as can be, but is it really not as healthy because it’s clear and has no pulp?

  2. Nicholas Storozuk IV says

    Is juice from concentrate bad? Is it better than high fructose corn syrup mixed with juice? What’s the deal with the concentrate juice?

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