Dr Oz: Serious Laundry Stains: Undershirt, Bra & Underwear Stains

Doctor Oz spoke about serious laundry stains and what the stains could be telling you about your health. So next time you do the laundry, look carefully at your stains and check for these! Laundry Stains Predict Health Problems

3 Serious Laundry Stains

1.  Undershirt Stains – Lymphoma Tumors & Hyperthyroidism

Dr Oz said that if you notice yellow stains on the under arm portion of undershirts, then this could be an issue.  If you have always had these yellow stains, then it may not be a big issue.  However, if the stains have become darker, are a deep yellow color or you notice it happening more often, this could be of concern.  Day time sweating is relatively normal since you are moving around and doing stuff, but you should not be sweating much at night.  If you notice these yellow underarm stains changing, you should get a blood test and check for hyperthyroidism along with lymphoma tumors.

2.  Bra Stains – Papilloma & Breast Cancer

Dr Oz showed a stained bra and said that if you have a stain around the nipple area, especially only on one breast, then it is often the first sign of a Papilloma or breast cancer.  What happens is that you can get a tumor growing inside of your breast and pushing on the tubes where milk is stored in your breasts, and the milk can leak out and stain your bra.

3.  Underwear Stains – Cervical Cancer & Uterine Cancer

Dr Oz said that if you are postmenopausal and notice blood drops (even just one drop of blood!) on your underwear, it could be a sign of cervical cancer or uterine cancer.  If you are not postmenopausal, and you get this between your menstrual cycles, it may be an issue as well.  In both cases, you should go to the doctor and get a pelvic exam along with a pap smear test.  On a side note, when Dr Oz was showing the “stained” underwear, he first flipped over the underwear and I was sure that he was going to show a “feces” stain in the underwear… men seem to get these a lot… what does that mean?  If you have any idea, please leave a comment below!


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