Dr Oz: Share Our Strength & National Hunger Hotline


Dr Oz: Share Our Strength Organization

Share Our Strength is the leading non-profit organization that was created 30 years in the basement of a Washington, DC home of Bill Shore and his wife. Today, Share Our Strength works in conjunction with food pantries to serve millions of meals to needy kids.

This entire week, Doctor Oz had his audience members bring in at least one can to donate to the cause. Dr Oz National Hunger Hotline So far, they had collected thousands of cans that UPS has agreed to pick up and help ship to needy children and their families.

Dr Oz: National Hunger Hotline

The mission of Share Our Strength is to eradicate child hunger by the year 2015. Bill Shore, founder and CEO, is very confident that Share Our Strength will complete its mission with their No Kid Hungry campaign. Bill would like to see people come together in various communities to help stamp out hunger for good. If you cannot get together with folks in your community, you can donate online to help get food to kids all around the world. Don’t just feed kids, end hunger! By the end of the day, Dr Oz and Bill want to help raise a million meals for hungry children. He is asking that you give just $5 to provide 50 meals for a hungry child. Call 1-866 3hunger for the National Hunger Hotline.


  1. steve lowery says

    Dr. Oz, first, i love your show!! Thank you for doing it.
    I am writing today in response to your show on share our strength. i have always wanted to work for this type of organization, however, just like all of the other organizations who preach that they want and need good caring people to work with/for them….i have tried in vain to look for employment with them. Their website of course has gone the way of all corporate america companies in the fact that they are only wanting people that have massive amounts of education and multiple degrees!!! I do not fathom this line of thought??? The most creative and brightest people in history did not have masters degrees and 15 years of experience!!! There are millions of americans out there that are extremely intelligent and have many years of experience in a broad range of fields that have only a high school education. Why can’t these companies see that we can be productive, caring and helpful to the company without having the credentials of a corporate executive?
    I have tried to contact the share our strength company to ask them directly but, i guess they do not want to hear from everyday americans. The only way to contact them is via a general question email, of course this type of message would never reach bill or debbie. Oh, i could always call one of their numbers and get the run around again!!!!
    Please dr. oz, your show inspires so many of us, is there not a way for you to contact bill or debbie shore and convey this info to them??? So many of us want to help….want to be a contributing part of that system…but have nowhere to turn for help.
    Thank you so much for the time…..
    Best regards,
    Steve Lowery

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