Dr Oz: Shearling Boots, Leather Boots & L-Arginine Cream

Dr Oz did a segment called Are Your Shoes Destroying  Your Feet?  Doctor Oz knows how women love their shoes, but could your shoes be hurting your health?  From Shearling Boots like Uggs to high leather boots to, even, flats – are you shoes hurting your feet and what can you do about it?

Dr Oz: Uggs Are Bad For Your Feet

Dr Oz said that Shearling Boots (like the popular Uggs brand) have two main Dr Oz Are Your Shoes Destroying Your Feetproblems.  First, Shearling Boots have no substantial support so your feet just slosh around inside.  There is no arch support either.  One solution for this problem is to try Shoe Inserts to add extra arch support.  The second problem with Ugg-like Boots is that they can make your feet hot and sweaty and many people wear them without socks, which can lead to foot fungus.  To fix this problem, try wearing Wicking Socks with your Uggs and / or try an Antiperspirant Foot Spray.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine for Frost Bite & High Leather Boots

Dr Oz said that high leather boots can compress a nerve that is located near the outside of your calf, especially if the boot is very tight, and this can paralyze your nerve which can make it impossible for you to flex your foot upwards.  Instead, look for leather boots with a zipper or a tie so that you can loosen them at least when you are seated for long periods of time.  Another problem with leather boots is that they are often thin out over time and put your feet at risk for getting frost bite, so try Foot Warmers or L-Arginine Cream.

Dr Oz: Flats Are Bad For Your Feet

Dr Oz said that, believe it or not, even flats can be bad for your foot.  Some of the new flat shoes sold to women only separate your foot from the pavement by about 1/8 of an inch.  Plus, you often have to struggle and strain your foot to keep the shoe from falling off because they tend to have little structure.  If you can bend the shoe in half, then it is not a shoe that you want to walk long distances in.  Some of the medical problems that result from wearing flat shoes include Shin Splints and Plantar Fasciitis.  Instead, Dr Oz said we should wear 1″ heels.

Dr Oz: Frozen Can of Juice Foot Massage

Dr Oz said that a great way to massage your foot, reduce the inflammation, and to stretch out your arch is to grab a can of frozen concentrated juice from your freezer, place it on the ground, and roll your foot over the cold can.  What a fabulous Home Remedy!


  1. Alex says

    The wicking socks that appeared on the Dr. Oz Show were Dahlgren Alpaca socks. The ones he held up were Light Hiking.

  2. Laurie says

    The simple fact is that the human foot was designed as a loose bag of bones that could easily run, walk and move over uneven ground. But we have changed our world. We have paved it flat and we put shoes on our feet that have little or no shape on the inside. The bottom of our feet simply do not match the shape of our earth.
    That being said, the best solution is to find the missing “puzzle piece” between the shape of the bottom of our foot and the shoes that we wear. The only way to do that is with an orthotic from your doctor or an over the counter insole.
    All insoles are different and they serve different purposes, the key is to find what works for YOU and matches your shoe. Superfeet has a wide range of products to go into every type of shoe. There are 3/4 length ones for the “Flats” mentioned above, WoolyWhite ones designed specifically for Sherling boots (at Nordstrom), ones for High Heels and then they have ALL of the ones for athletic gear.
    There are many other brands as well. Together they create options for anyone in need of relief from foot pain. The key is to keep trying until you get the right fit. The right fit will help you avoid injury, reduce your foot pain and help you lead a stronger more active life.

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