Dr Oz: Shingles Vaccine & Chicken Pox Vaccine: Should You Get It?


Dr Oz did a segment on Shingles, and more specifically on the Shingles Vaccine.  Do you know what Shingles are?  And do you know how you can protect yourself?  Doctor Oz said that Shingles is a rash that makes you want to rip your clothes off, which definitely sounds like something we would all want to avoid!

Dr Oz: What Are Shingles?

Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day said that the only condition that she ever had that made her want to rip off her clothes was Eczema.  If you get Shingles, Dr Oz said that Dr Oz Chicken Pox Vaccineit is likely to start near your chest or sometimes on your face, but it is far less common for it to start on your legs.  Shingles are contagious, just like the Chicken Pox.  You start to get pain before blisters even appear, but then you get blisters that crust over after a couple of days.  99% of people have had Chicken Pox and between 1/3 and 1/2 of all of us will get shingles if we live long enough.

Dr Oz: Shingles Vaccine Is Safe

Why do Chicken Pox come back?  According to Dr Oz, the virus hides in your spine near your nerves.  When something triggers the virus, it gets “squirted” out by your nerve and hits your skin (since the nerves run to your skin).  And since you have not had the virus since you were a little kid, your immune system does not remember what to do.


  1. Debbie says

    I am 59 years old and I got shingles. They were absolutely horrible and the pain was unbelievable. Mine started up on Feb 7, 2011 and it has gotten alot better with the treatments from my GP, but I still have a lot of the numbing/tinkling/and deep shoopting pain. I have talked with several people that has had shingles and yeas later still havin some of the sypmtoms. Oh my goodness I would recommend the shot if it prevents by 50% and/or lessens the pain. I am currious if insurance covers the shot because it is expensive. For my next followup with my GP I will be checking into the shot.

  2. Dave age 57 says

    By all means get the shot. I have a case of shingles now, believe me you don’t want it. My wife,age 59, got the shot, cost $200.00 and well worth it. I believe medicare will help on cost , but my insurance company don’t help at all. But still >>Get The Shot.

  3. denise age 43 says

    I have to admit I just had a shingles outbreak – I missed this episode of Dr Oz – really wish I hadn’t … my outbreak seems really really mild based on the other 2 comments – I had 2 small patches of the rash on my waist area – the one towards my back was a bit “touchy” but neither were truly painful for any period of time that aspirin wouldn’t help out with … I did get to the doctor the day the rash appeared – about 2 days after the tenderness in the lower back area started and the antibotics I was given really helped … but heck I would gladly get this vaccine if it could help prevent .. just a icky icky viral infection to deal with … the rash feels so creepy …

  4. says

    I started having pain March 12 around my bra line on the right side of my body and came down with the full rash on March 13. The rash was bright red, firery to equal the burning pain I felt and then the sores opened into deep gashes on my body. I’ve never experienced such pain in my life. I was crying while I had to care for my dying cat. I’m 61 years old. I’m told that the stress of caring for my cat and his eventual dying caused me to get shingles. It took until early May for the sores to totally go away and for the pain to subside. I was on Zoviraz pills, cream, then steroids, and then Neurontin for the pain. I plan to get the vaccine once I’m sure I’m over it.

  5. Jessica says

    I am 28 years old and as of this June 2011, this is my 2nd time getting shingles. That’s right, I am only 28! And they are on my right lower eyelid (both times). The reason that I keep getting shingles is due to the chicken pox vaccine. I never had chicken pox, so I got the vaccine when I was 18 since I was working at a daycare center. My doctor has told me that the reason that I keep getting shingles is because the chicken pox vaccine has protected me from getting chicken pox but is giving me a mild form of shingles. I have been lucky both times because each time that I have gotten shingles, they have not been painful at all and my eyesight has not been affected. I really wish that I could get the vaccine but it is not recommended or has been tested on people younger than 60.

  6. Becky says

    I am almost 53 years old and have had these 4 times!! First time in my late 30..it hit my lower right side and went around.. I never felt electrical charges like that until my 1st bout of shingles..The pain lasted for years.. Then another breakout coming back from a concert.. then twice on my feet (the tips of my toes..) I couldn’t walk without a great deal of pain.. It would travel .. up to my hip socket along the nerve pathway!! I asked my doctor about the vaccine but because these things live dormant under the skin sheath, and are active he told me no.. I have had breakouts with blisters that were only a small amt but the pain was horrendous.. so it doesn’t matter..if the shot helps get it because these things can cause debilitating pain..

  7. ScarletGrayer says

    I had shingles about 15 years ago; I was in my late 40’s. The outbreak was on the left side of my body along the bra line, and the entire area was intensely painful. Don’t be deceived by the small size of the blisters or the small number of blisters – the pain is huge! It took months after the outbreak before wearing a bra was possible.

    Also, I occasionally get post-herpetic neuralgia (post-shingles pain along with same nerve pathway) that can be intensely painful. It’s not quite as bad as a regular outbreak of shingles, but still very, very painful, and wearing a bra is often impossible when this happens. With these episodes of neuralgia, there is no outbreak of blisters, but the pain can still be significant.

    My advice is to get the vaccination – as soon as possible. Believe me, you don’t want to want to risk this kind of pain. However, if you have any sort of chronic illness, it is best to ask your doctor before getting the vaccine. Since I once had shingles, my doctor has advised me not to get the vaccine.

    But, in most cases, it is a vaccine that I would recommend to everyone. If it prevents shingles or lessens the pain associated with a case of shingles, it is worth your consideration. If you don’t have medical insurance or your insurance won’t cover the vaccine, check with the public health department in your area – the vaccine may be available to you at no cost or at a very reduced cost.

    Take care.

  8. aleigh qubty says

    I’ve been extremely sick for 3 yrs. they think that my condition could be on going shingles and I too have been told to take the shingle shot…I am glad to get on your site today and read about shingles and the shingle shot…I dont know if, the posterior gland in my neck is caused by shingles or not or if, this gland is and, artery or what! doctors have not been able to help me for over 3 yrs with my neck condition which causes high blood pressure and extreme pain and headaches at times and lack of sleep and when pressure is on the neck it is not good. hopefully, this next week I will take the shingle shot and see if, there will be any change for me however, a part of me tells me my condition is a serious condition and Doctors just havent keyed into the real cause of my condition or leaving the condition alone to see if, it will work it self out however, its been 3yrs and they cant explain to me this make me as a patient suspicious……..for I do take natto B plus for blood pressure problems which helps gets rid of swelling and some headaches….many people ask for your help doctor oz. and I too fall in that group becuz. as a patient you dont know what to do because you trying to beat the odds of having a stroke and if, I dont find out what is causing this on going pressures and swelling and lump in my neck that is just what will happen and no one will care but, my husband and children.. please pray for me……aleigh qubty

  9. yolanda brown says

    my daughter was 14yrs old when her doctor said it was criminal if i did not allow my child to get the chicken pox shot vaccination. not too long after that, my daughter caught the shingles and it has been hell ever since, it affects her lower back. it started on her leg, then her foot and then on one breast but continues to attack her lower back. the doctor said she must of had the chicken pox, we argued because my child never contacted the chicken pox virus, that was why she was getting the chicken pox vaccination supposedly to protect her from getting chicken pox and instead she caused her to get the shingles. i was so pissed off, what a night mare

  10. nicole says

    I am an adult who is infected with chicken pox virus. I am experiencing some pain in my legs particularly in the nack of my knees. Also some of my pox are looking like pimples with yellowish puss. Is this normal or should I go back to my doctor? Please respond asap. Thanks

  11. Frances Sweeney says

    I am 63 and I got the shingles shot about 6 weeks ago and
    now I have shingles siymptoms.

    I was not warned to not take aspirin by the doctor.

    I take 2-4 aspirins of 326 mg aspirin a day due to my aoritc aneurysm

    Will I have liver failure from Reyes Syndrome from the aspirin, which I olny stopped
    yesterday when i learned of the risk.?

    The doctor can not see me for another 8 weeks.
    HELP !!!

  12. delphine says

    i want to know when i should get the shot for shingles and when will i get shingles at what age every one says it at the age 60 what if i get shingles when i am 25 0r 30 years old what is this shingles or not .

  13. JNene says

    How can I get this vaccine? $200 would be WELL worth it.
    I am 52 & have had shingles twice. My doctor recommended I get the vaccine, but cannot or will not order it. I was referred to our county health department, made an appointment with them, stating my age, and when I arrived they would not give it to me due to my “young” age. How can I get this vaccine? $200 would be WELL worth it.

  14. Sharon says

    Ok, so I have a question. In the second paragraph, this article says, “Shingles are contagious, just like the Chicken Pox.” This is in contradiction to the CDC literature I just picked up at the local government run health department which says, “You can’t catch shingles from another person with shingles.” Whom do I believe????

  15. Gerri says

    To Sharon… Shingles ARE contagious….but only to people who have not had chicken pox or the vaccine before. You will not give anyone shingles from contact with shingles. I had shingles almost a year ago (at age 37). 3 of my 4 kids were unaffected by my outbreak…but our newly adopted 3 y.o. daughter (whom we had been told had already had chicken pox) did get the chicken pox again from me. And my best friend, who was pregnant at the time, was told by her OB that since she’d never had chicken pox or the vaccine she needed to stay away from me until I was past the contagious phase.
    Does anyone know if they will give the shingles vaccine to younger ppl who have already had shingles? Would it help at all??

  16. JNene says

    I empathize with your desire to get the shingles vaccine. My understanding is that the current recommendation is for 50+. I had shingles at 38. Was thrilled when I head about the vaccine. My doc even wrote an RX for the vaccine. That was about 18 mos ago, i made an appr at County Health, including telling them my age. Showed up & they said I was too young! But last week, after hearing about the change to 50+, I got the vaccine! So did my husband, who almost died from chicken pox at age 40. My understanding is that the vaccine is only available at limited places because the powder has to be kept at very cold temps & still has a short shelf life. I did develop a large lump at the injection site 2 days later. Warm compresses helped. Husband had no reaction. Good Luck to everyone trying to avoid shingles!

  17. Dawn Haygood says


    I agree with the 28 year old who wrote that she didn’t get shingles until she got the chicken pox vaccine.
    I received a number of vaccines for my new job at the hospital, and that is when I got shingles, and I also had got a severe problem with poison ivy, at that time. I was reading and believe me this works, (take vitamin B pills twice a day and then put lavender oil on the spot you keep getting shingles) and start drinking aloe juice every day. All can be purchased at your local Trader Joe’s grocery store.

  18. Elsa Rodriguez says

    My son got the shingles when he was 14 yrs. old. He had the chicken pox as a 1 year old since both his sisters got them at the same time. His sisters were only 13 (she was the first one) and 8(She was right after the 13 yr. old) when they got chicken pox. I had one right after the other with chicken pox. Now my son just had another occurance of the shingles at age 20. This has been twice for him. Can he recieve the shingles vaccine? It is so painful for him and I really want to prevent this from happening his entire life. Please advise.

  19. D Clark says

    I’m 74, never had chicken pox or vaccine. Is it necessary to get a shingles vaccine? I don’t want to end up getting shingles if I get the vaccine.

  20. says

    Five years ago I had a very intense case of shingles. Now at the age of 77, I still have residual pain in the same area of the back and shoulder. and chest . I have been advised that I should have the shingles vaccine to prevent a major outbreak again. However, I am concerned and fearful,hat it may l actually cause an another outbreak, as so many have suggested. What is the best medical protocol in this scenario? Thank you in advance for your opinion.

  21. Chad says

    I an 43 and i get shingles about four out five times a year. Each tune is more painful. When i ask for the shot, the say I’m to young. I have then right now, it, sux.

  22. Bruce says

    How long after getting shingles can I get the vaccine I think zostavax? I have never had the vaccine. But just got shingles July 1st I am taking acyclovir 800 mg 5 times a day. 73 years old

  23. says


  24. Michael says

    I got Shingles at age 17 do I have anything to worry about? I had chicken pox at age five.

  25. kim says

    my daughter is 20 and gets shingles regularly, as much as several times a month, makes her sick to her stomach, feverish, very tired and painful! We seem to think stress brings it on.

  26. Debbie says

    I had a bad outbreak of shingles 2 yrs ago. I am 56 years old and when I had my first attack 2 yrs ago. I took Zovirax 4X a day high dose.. Then I thought I had a blister in my eye saw a Eye doctor she said it was only on the eyelid put my on another prescription of Zoivirax lower dose for another 14 days. The blisters went away but I was in bed for 4 months. Now in the same area the tingling pain has come back. I immediately contacted my Primary Doctor and he prescribed Zorivax to me once again. I am so scared I am going to get sick again and the pain I cant take the pain again. Do you get shingles again? Yes you do.

  27. michele says

    My daughter, 11 years old started out with what I thought were bug bites. After a visit to the E.R, and 2 weeks later- I took her to our family dr. In which he said she has the shingles. I am very disappointed in the fact that First, I never knew kids could get the shingles, and second the school nurse who saw these still kept her at school, and the E.R., didn`t even know. I really think there needs to be more awareness, and info especially in the schools on this and even parents. I have watched my poor daughter for 2 weeks scratch herself immensely, all the while I knew something was wrong. I hope to see you do a show on child shingles so parents out there could get some info and If I had known, maybe my daughter could have started some sort of treatment regime sooner. Thank you

  28. Jennifer says

    I had shingles in when I was 25 years old, it was on a nerve in my eye and the the pain was so intense, that it felt like someone was randomly stabbing me in the eye with an ice pick. I still get residual stabbing pain in my eye infrequently, but thankfully, the pain is much more mild than when I had the outbreak, and the occurrences have lessened over the years. I had chicken pox as a child. I’m now 50, should I get the shingles vaccine?

  29. says

    Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this
    blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Zarina says

    I am 49 and experiencing shingles for the first time. The pain started June 13th and June 16th I woke up to a vicious rash. The meds have more or less cleared the breakout but the pain does not let up. It is everything that all of you have described it to be and more. I would most definitely take the vaccine if there is even a remote possibility that you could protect yourself from this agony. I’m not certain if the vaccine helps once you’ve been affected. My doc said its most effective to take if you’ve never had it, you could otherwise too, but it may or may not help. It won’t harm though.

  31. Maria says

    I got shingles twice in my life! The second time was the worse. I had excritiating pain of not only the break out site but also the nerves got affected. I thought at first I have kidney stones. Then I went to the E.R and they did an utltrasound no stones. Then I had a chest x-ray to rule out damaged ribs. After all that I noticed this rash on my chest just below my right breast. Went to the doctor and she prescribed anti viral drugs. I really want to get this vaccine. I do not want to go through this again! It is horrible! M.C.

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