Dr Oz: Shocking Questions My Wife Is Too Afraid To Ask

Dr Oz brought three couples on his show as guests because the husbands had questions about the health of their wives.   From a big black toenail and nail fungus to bad breath to Raynaud’s Syndrome, Doctor Oz covered a lot of areas.  He even spoke about how the Superbowl causes Heart Attacks!

Dr Oz: Black Toenail & Nail Fungus

Dr Oz’s first husband was named Corey and he said he was married to his wife for 4 years and now she has a big black toenail since this past summer.  Dr Oz asked Corey’s wife why she never went to see a doctor or podiatrist, and she said she thought the sprays and creams Dr Oz Wife Questionswould work but they have not been helping.  Her husband tells her not to even wear open-toe shoes outside because it looks so bad.  Dr Oz said that having a Black Toenail is not rare.  The problem is that putting Anti-Fungal Cream on top of the nail does not help, because the fungus is growing underneath the nail which is a hard place to get the cream to go to.

Dr Oz: Anti-Fungal Cream With Terbinafine

Dr Oz said that you can first try out an Anti-Fungal Cream with Terbinafine like Lamisil, but if this does not work, your doctor can give you a prescription for an oral form of Terbinafine.  However, this oral medication can be toxic to the liver.

Dr Oz: Garlic & Oil Nail Fungus Remedy

Dr Oz said that a home remedy you can try is to bathe your toenail in a mixture of olive oil and chopped up garlic.  By bathing your nail in it, the mixture can potentially penetrate and get to the fungus under your nail.

Dr Oz: Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Dr Oz said that another treatment is a Nail Fungus Laser Treatment which costs around $1000 and does not have the risk of liver failure like the oral medication.  However, the laser treatment is not yet FDA approved.

Dr Oz: Bad Breath From GERD

Dr Oz’s second husband was named Steve, and he said his wife’s breath is so bad that it burned off all of his hair.  Dr Oz told Kelly, Steve’s wife, that many people have bad breath and there are many things you can do.  First, you should go to a dentist to make sure there is nothing wrong in your teeth, but Kelly said that she had already done that a month before.  Dr Oz showed how bacteria living in your gums and teeth release gas and can cause bad breath.  However, if your dentist says everything looks good, your bad breath could be coming from your stomach from something called GERD.  Acid can go up into your esophagus and bathe in your mouth, which allows bacteria to grown there which would normally not be present.  Dr Oz suggested not eating 3-4 hours before you go to bed.

Dr Oz: Raynaud’s Syndrome

Dr Oz’s third husband, Eric, said that his wife, Jeanine, has had a problem with her legs for at least 24 years where she feels like the blood is constricted and she has pain and is always cold in her legs.  Dr Oz said that this could be because you have an abnormal blood supply to your legs, but this is often found in smokers.  More likely for Jeanine, she might have Raynaud’s Syndrome which is where the lining of your blood vessels are so tight, that it is hard for your red blood cells to get down into your legs.  When the red blood cells stop going down to the lower extremities of your body, even the slightest change in temperature can cause spasms.  Dr Oz suggested trying Moisture-Wicking Socks and 1000 mg L-Arginine every day, which forces your blood vessels to relax so more blood cells can go down into your legs.

Dr Oz: Superbowl Causes Heart Attacks

Dr Oz’s fourth husband, Miguel, said that his wife gets super excited during the Superbowl and wanted to know if that is bad for her health.  Dr Oz said that there are more Heart Attacks during the Superbowl than during normal times, because people’s blood pressure tends to increase as they watch their favorite team play on TV.  Dr Oz suggested eating healthy food before and during the game and saving fattening foods for a different time.  Stretch and exercise during commercial breaks.  And another great key – root for the winning team!

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