Dr Oz: Should You Be Allowed To Kill Yourself? Debate Continues


Dr Oz: Ending Your Life – Dignity vs Morals

Dr Oz’s show on Do You Have The Right To End Your Own Life? discussed the Montel Williams Suicide Attempt, and then continued the debate to hear the opinions of others.  Montel Williams stated that “dignity is an individual thought” and should not be seen as a collective thought.  Dr Oz took a poll of Dr Oz Fans and asked the question, “Should doctors assist patients with death?”  54 percent said yes, 37 percent said no, and 9 percent were undecided.  Dr Oz went into the audience and spoke with Danny, who is confined to a wheelchair.  Danny was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and his wife left and took the kids.  Back then, Danny would have voluntarily died, but today he is glad he didn’t.  He is in love and would not give up his life for anything.  Danny urged Dana to join his disabled community.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Multiple Sclerosis

Montel was slightly perturbed by Danny’s account, stating that pitting patient against patient was not the way to go.  Dr Oz stated that this was not his intent; rather, he wanted to have an open and honest discussion from people with different views. Dr Oz Suicide Dr. Ablow stated that, with this type of discussion, it was impossible to not pit person against person.  Dr. Ablow was happy that Danny had found love and was now happy with his life.  Dr. Ablow was glad Danny could share this with others who may feel the same way as Dana.


  1. says

    My Sisterinlaw, had curviture of the spine. Never did anything about it. When she was in a Nursing home. She told her Children that she was in so much pain. She did not want any one to help her. She was ready, and if she was choaking. Let it be. It was hard, But her wishes they could not say no. My Father, when my Mom Died, he was beyond himself, he became ill, and he had to undergo an operation. He told me, Edith, if things go wrong, let me be. He went into a coma, and never came out of it. Doctors, could not understand, I could. MY Brother and Sister, saw it different. He just never woke up. I do believe it is up to the patient. what they want. Doctors, do as I know, this is what they are there for. Healing. they do their best . God bless them. What we would do with out them.

  2. Brittany says

    God gave you life. God throws things at us knowing we can handle them. He knows you are strong. Why should we take our life because we feel that we aren’t strong enough for something difficult. It is hard. It could get harder, but you shouldn’t take your life just because you don’t feel like you can handle it anymore. God will be with you and take you when he feels you are ready.

  3. Rebecca says

    My late husband was Dx with Colon Ca at the age of 47.He was in and out of hospital and had many bouts with death.He went through chemotherapy,surgery after surgery.I was blessed to be able to care for him the 3 years he survived but at the end he was unresponsive,had a colostomy,ileostomy,urostomy tubes.He couldn’t eat,drink and was in constant pain once his kidneys shut down.I am a Registered nurse and thanks to the MD’s where I worked at a hospital I was able to provide him with IV fluids,antibiotics and keep him as comfortable as possible.He was 51 when he passed away.He began bleeding and had no output in his tubes.I prayed that God would relieve his suffering and the next morning God granted my wish and he went peacefully to heaven at home.They say that God does not put any more than we can stand and he saw fit to call him home.

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