Dr Oz: Silent Reflux Symptoms, Silent Reflux Triggers & Cures


Dr Oz did a segment on Silent Reflux, a condition that could be sabotaging your sleep.  Doctor Oz said it often begins with a sore throat and you could have postnasal drip or a cough, but it is not a virus.  Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The Day, Sandra from seat 87, actually brought her own purple gloves (which is a first in the history of the Dr Oz Show!).  Sandra had never heard of Silent Reflux, the evil cousin of Acid Reflux and GERD, but I think that most people probably have not yet heard of it yet.

Dr Oz: Silent Reflux Chronic Symptoms

Dr Oz showed an image of a person who has Silent Reflux, and it was very red from being burned by acid.  Here are some of Dr Oz Silent Reflexthe Silent Reflux Symptoms:


  1. Doris Andera says

    I see “silent reflux triggers and cures” but I don’t see any cures, what are they? I have had post nasal drip and chronic cough for more than 20 years. I have just been told by anyone I saw that it must be an allergy–no answers there either.

  2. says

    Hi Doris! The Silent Reflux Cures are in the “How To Prevent Silent Reflux” section. Dr Oz mentioned Proton Pump Inhibitors (for the short term), elevating your head when you sleep and wearing loose pajamas (as more long term Silent Reflux cures).

  3. says

    This is a very serious condition… I kept on getting sick without knowing way and it wasn’t until I stopped talking altogether that I got the tests done to find out acid has completely burnt my throat.

    Been on nexium and other antacids ever since, I sleep elevated and eat differently but the symptoms are still there on and off.

  4. Debbie Swift says

    I also have LPR aka silent reflux along with asthma and diabeties. I have been treated with Prilosec and Zantac along with silent reflux induction diet since June 2011. I had no voice at all from March 2011 into July 2011. I now am very hoarse most of the time and can feel the acid burning in my stomach most of the time. I try to balance my diet to treat both silent reflux and diabeties. My blood glucose is almost always elevated now from dietary changes and I can’t follow LPR diet close enough whereas I am diabetic. My asthma is aggrivated because of LPR. Not fun at all…. Dr. Oz do you have any extensive information that might help me find a balance amid multipile conditions. Recipes would be greatly appreciated. I already have the book Dropping Acid by Dr. Jamie Koufman.

  5. maggie says

    I do have all of these symptoms. Food has even got caught in my throat, many times, totally sending me into a panic. Related to that I assumed, is I have been laying asleep, and from nowhere, I shoot up out of bed, because the acid comes up like a volcano, and shoots out my nose! I’m standing up, leaning over, and this clear liquid comes out my nose, bypassing my throat!..It is a terrifying experience, and has now happened 3 separate times over the past year!

  6. Debbie says

    I have had a cough for a little over 6 years. I have been to an allergy doctor, ENT, Pulmonary doctor and to a Gastrointestinal doctor. I was told I had acid reflux but it wasn’t in my throat and I have a small hernia. However I clear my throat all day, I have mucas on my vocal chords all the time. Sometimes it is hard to swallow and I cough when air conditioning comes on, when certain things smell off. I wonder if the tissues are just damaged in my throat so the dry air makes me cough when I breath in. It has taken over my life, I can’t do a lot of things because of it. Even going to a store with the air on I cough and people look at me like I am sick, however it is the air conditioning that makes me cough.. I live in a very warm state and I can’t have air on when we go to bed at night or when I am in the car. Any cold air makes me cough and sometimes just moving air. I do feel heart burn sometimes even though I am on dexilant. I have been doing the two week detox diet after leaning about it on your show. I have only done it for three days. I am trying to be pro-active but my family is growing tired of my coughing. Is it normal with my cough to have the air bother me? I have had a asthma test and it isn’t asthma. The test they gave me made me cough and choke. I took your test and scored around a 30 on it. I have came to the conclusion that acid reflux or is my problem but I have not heard any one say they cough with the cold air. I also can’t lay on my back or I cough. I have to lay on my sides and that is causing my hips to hurt. I am determined to do what it takes to make this go away. How long does it take after changing your diet to see improvement. After the two week detox what foods are allowed and not allowed?

  7. says

    Debbie, I have all the same symptoms you are describing…..including the change of air flow. I am just starting the detox diet and hoping for a change. I am been to all these different types of drs too and am not satisfied with the results. It has had a major impact on my life.

  8. Debbie says

    How did you do on the detox? I noticed slightly less coughing but it has never gone away. I feel good on it but the food has became very boring. I have gone on and off of it for awhile now. I started trying the apple cider vinegar that everyone says has cured them. That doesn’t work on me either.
    I am thinking about having the TIF surgery. Most people sound happy with it. The only problem that concerns me is the air flow. You are the only person that seems to have mentioned the fact the air flow bothers you. So many people say they cough but they haven’t mentioned cold air or air conditioning adding to it. I worry if I have more then one problem or will it go away with the surgery. Most everyone says their cough is gone..
    I am just so tired of every time I breath in I feel like I have to cough.

  9. beverly says

    i too have a cronic cough, am very tired of it. also i chock very often when eating. i cough when i ago out and people ask me if i’m coming down with a cold. i really need help. will aloe help me?

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