Dr Oz: Sinus Infections: Waterpik SinuSense Neti Pot & Butterbur


Doctor Oz did a segment on the pain of Sinus Infections, which can cause an intense pressure build up in your head until it can feel like it might explode.  He gave some great sinus infection home remedies, which is something I love since I always seem to be having problems in that area!  Dr Oz said that Sinus Infections can even lead to brain infections, which can be life threatening, along with blindness.  Dr Oz waterpik sinusense Water Pulsator & neti pot



  1. ronny says

    Afte trying almost every nasal wash product finally stumbled on something that works great and is easy to use, the SinuPulse. No mess its fast ( takes about 1 min) and works flawlessly. Simple enough even a 5 year old can use. Picked mine up at CVS.com but you can google it elsewhere like Target and Amazon

  2. says

    Hi Ronny! I am so glad to hear that your liked the SinuPulse. Shortly, we will be reviewing a bunch of different neti pots and nasal irrigation systems (and we will even be giving one away for free!) over at our sister site Opinion Queen. So I definitely recommend subscribing to the e-mail newsletter over there so that you don’t miss out on any of the giveaways!

  3. Lisa Jimenez says

    picked up a water pik pulsator what a joke this product should be recalled and quick. It leaks saline into the battery compartment and then you get this brown gunky stuff. I took it back and learned they have a boatload coming back so apparently I am not alone. I replaced it with a sinupulse I saw on one of the comments. It’s all over at 80.00 I picked it up from Target.com. It was twice the money but 100X better than anything else I have used from neti pots to the marquis de Sade water pulsator. It ended up costing me about the same since my insurance company reimbursed me a little over half of my purchase price.

  4. JSGram says

    When i get sinus infection that time i always use to the netipot. its very fastely effective on my sinus problems.

  5. Nick says

    I have had bad sinus congestion along with step throat. My Dr. is treating the strep with antibiotics, but I decided to use a neti pot to rinse my sinuses. I used slightly warmed distilled water and when it got a little ways through the canal, my eys started to burn and I had the worst pain ever. It was comparable with the time I had sinus sugery and right when I woke up from the surgery. Can someone tell me what is happening and why I cant use the neti pot without hurting?

  6. says

    WaterPik has great products. They use Eucalyptis in their powder which is a HUGE plus. I also use cool humidified air on my Sinus and it also works fantastic. Great products for Sinus !!!!!

  7. Larry says

    I agree, Waterpik SinuSense line of products are great but I wish they had something for Sinus that I can use during the day. I rinse my Sinus area twice a day but I am looking for something with Eucalyptis that I can use throughout the day. I have used cool humidified air products in the past and they work great but aren’t portable. Someday, I’ll find the right product on the market for me to use.

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