Dr Oz: Sitz Bath, How to Prevent Hemorrhoids & Hemorrhoid Remedies


Dr Oz’s Prevention Power Hour included a segment on How To Prevent Hemorrhoids, which is a pain that leaves your butt itchy, irritated, swollen and red.  Doctor Oz said that half of the women over 40 years old know all about Hemorrhoids, and many others will learn about it in the not too distant future.

Dr Oz: What Are Hemorrhoids?

Dr Oz said that everyone has Hemorrhoid Veins, but sometimes people irritate the veins and they get larger and can get squeezed out when you have a bowel movement.  The Anal Canal Dr Oz Hemorrhoidshas a cushion area where the Hemorrhoid Veins exist.  If you have a normal bowel movement, nothing happens to the cushion area or the Hemorrhoid Veins, but if you have hard stool you can damage the inside layer which is similar to the delicate layer on the inside of your cheek.  When this happens, you can irritate your Hemorrhoid Veins and this can cause Prolapsed Hemorrhoids which is when they come out of your body.

Dr Oz: Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Dr Oz said that when you get a Prolapsed Hemorrhoid, the Hemorrhoid goes through your anus and then forms a clot.  Your anus is in pain, so it spasms, which cuts off the blood supply to your Hemorrhoid Vein, which strangles the vein and makes it hurt to notify you that it is being strangled.

Dr Oz: Internal Hemorrhoids vs External Hemorrhoids

Dr Oz said that both Internal Hemorrhoids and External Hemorrhoids can bleed, but both tend to produce a bright red blood.  If you see a maroon color blood in the toilet bowl or on your toilet paper, then it could be from higher up in your intestinal system which is a sign of cancer.

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Dr Oz gave the following tips for how to prevent hemorrhoids:


  1. Amber says

    I have had first hand experience with hemorrhoids after having my first baby. I could not sit for MONTHS, and can tell you the only thing that literally took mine away in days was to take big doses of vitamin B12. If you are suffering from these get some B12 pills ASAP!

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