Dr Oz: Skim Milk Causes Acne, Antiperspirants Cause Rashes

Dr Oz played a game called Secret Skin Sabotagers, because nothing gives away your age more easily than the condition of your skin.  Doctor Oz named three things that can sabotage your skin including old eyeglasses, antiperspirant and even skim milk can cause acne!

Dr Oz: Old Eyeglasses Cause Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s first question was whether old eyeglass or an old moisturizer is a Secret Skin Sabotager?  The answer is that moisturizers actually have a pretty Dr Oz Secret Skin Sabotagersgood shelf life, but old eyeglasses can cause you to squint in order to read and this can cause wrinkles to form around your eyes.  Doctor Oz said that if you cannot read the ingredient list on a cereal box that is an arm’s length away, then it is time to get a new pair of glasses!

Dr Oz: Antiperspirants Block Pores

Dr Oz’s second question was which of these things are a Secret Skin Sabotager?  Deodorant or Antiperspirant?  The answer is that Antiperspirant can be a problem since it prevents people from sweating by physically blocking your pores with aluminum, however this can cause a rash and irritate some people.

Dr Oz: Milk Causes Acne

Dr Oz’s final question was which of the following are a Secret Skin Sabotager: skim milk or dark chocolate?  Doctor Oz’s guest knew that eating small amounts of dark chocolate is good for you, so she guessed skim milk which was correct!  Skim milk may increase the severity of your acne.  So if you are struggling with acne, try eliminating skim milk to see if it helps.  Dr Oz said it does not always work but it is worth a try.


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