Dr Oz: Skin Cancer: #1 Cancer You Can Avoid: Dark Clothes & Pedicures

The Dr Oz Cancer Proof Your Life show including a segment on the number one cancer you can avoid – Skin Cancer.  Over 1 million Americans are diagnosed with Skin Cancer and almost 1 person every hour dies from it.  Doctor Oz said that Skin Cancer is preventable.  A Melanoma usually has pigment, but it does not have to have a color to be dangerous.  He showed a sample of a real Skin Cancer that looked very rough and scaly on the surface. Dr Oz Pedicures Cause Skin Cancer

Dr Oz: How to Avoid Skin Cancer

Here is Dr Oz’s list of true / false questions about Skin Cancer.  See how many you get right!

1.  If you live in North Dakota & use sunscreen, your risk of Melanoma may be greater than someone in South Florida?

Dr Oz said that this is true because people in North Dakota have a higher risk for Skin Cancer for two reasons.  One reason is that there is less ozone in North Dakota than in Florida, so the UV rays can get through more easily.  The second reason is that Vitamin D helps to prevent Skin Cancer, and Northerners tend to be low in Vitamin D.  So Dr Oz suggested taking vitamin D supplements or you can be in the sun for only 15 minutes a day, and after that you must apply sunscreen.  Dr Oz said that the right amount of sunscreen to apply is the amount that would fill up a shot glass (1.5 ounces).

2. The Color of Your Clothes Can Protect You From Skin Cancer?

True!  Dr Oz said that different colors of clothes do protect you from the sun better.  For example, red or blue fabrics are harder for the rays to get through, whereas white or yellow clothing puts you at a greater risk.  This past summer I noticed a trend in companies offering clothing with built in sunscreen, which also seems like a great option.  Dr Oz said that your face is very prone to getting Skin Cancer, and it is twice as likely to kill you if you get it there, so make sure to cover your head with a hat too.

3.  Pedicures Increase Your risk of Skin Cancer?

Dr Oz said that it is true that Pedicures increase your chances of getting Skin Cancer.  You must remove nail polish at least once a month to make sure nothing is growing underneath your nail.  Also, the UV light used in nail drying machines may cause cancer, so either ask your nail technician to turn off the UV light or just let your nails air dry.

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