Dr Oz: Skin Exam for Diabetes, Gluten Intolerance & Hyperthyroidism

Dr Oz’s show called The Naked Hour included a segment about 3 things that every woman should do naked.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Elizabeth Tanzi to explain what we can learn from examining our skin.  Dr Oz asked Dr Tanzi why should women look at their body when they are naked?  She said that our skin is a window for what is going on inside of our body, so it is a great way to find signs of serious diseases early.

Dr Oz: Dark Velvety Patches & Diabetes

Dr Oz had a lady check under her armpits and behind her neck for thick, dark, velvety patches of Dr Oz Naked Skin Examsskin, because this can be a sign of Diabetes.  Your skin reflects what is happening inside of you, and so if you have Diabetes, you often will develop these Dark Velvety Patches.

Dr Oz: Gluten Intolerance Rash

Dr Oz had another lady check for a rash on her butt, because very itchy bumps on your butt can be a sign that you are Gluten Intolerant.  You can sometimes get this rash on your knees and elbows too.

Dr Oz: Hyperthyroidism & Dry Skin

Dr Oz’s third guest checked her elbows, knees and under her breasts for dry flaky skin, which can be a sign of Hyperthyroidism.  Skin can take on a doughy consistency if you have Hyperthyroidism and up to 10% of women have this.  Dr Elizabeth Tanzi said that it is an easy blood test that your doctor can do to test for Hyperthyroidism.


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