Dr Oz: Skin Problem Solutions: Retinol, Vitamin E & Oysters


Dr Oz Skin Problems:

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up audience members, Pamela, Carla, and Dawn.  Pamela was embarrassed by her wrinkles, Carla hated her dark under eye circles, and Dawn had spotted skin.
The 3 contestants received $100 to start.  See if you can guess the questions to the answers to your Most Embarrassing Skin Problems.

Dr Oz: Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Pamela was first and chose the “Dry Spell” category from Doctor Oz’s options. Dr Oz Skin Problems
Answer: This staple of a Mediterranean diet can help moisturize dry skin.
Correct Question: What is Olive Oil?  The best time to put it on was after a shower.


  1. ixel says

    HI, how many IU’s of vitamin E a moisturizer must have to work properly in my face?
    I bought one with 6000 IU of vitamin E per jar. But I would like to know the right doses in IU’s?

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