Dr Oz: Skin Tag Dental Floss Remedy, Hairy Nipples & Nail Mouthwash Spray

By on January 26, 2012

Dr Oz: Your Most Outrageous Questions Answered

The Doctor Oz Show put out a nationwide call across America for your most outrageous questions ever. Thousands answered the call by asking questions about their most embarrassing body issues via phone, e-mail and yes, even video tape. Some of the questions asked were regarding sweaty hands and sores on the bottom of your feet. Even Shaq taped a video with his question.

Dr Oz: Skin Tags Dental Floss Remover

Joanne, an audience member, asked her question in silhouette.

Dr Oz Skin Tag Cure

Dr Oz Skin Tag Cure with Dental Floss

(That bad, huh?) She wanted to know what to do about the skin tags on her neck because her jewelry constantly got caught on them.

First, Dr Oz assured Joanne that skin tags are benign skin lesions and that they are present in a quarter of all Americans. Once reassured, Joanne stepped out from behind the screen and showed her face. Skin tags are caused by the friction between skin and clothing or folds of skin. Over time, the rubbing pops up skin tags, which may become larger.

Remedy: Take dental floss or thread and wrap it around the base of the skin tag. This should stop the blood flow and after 2 days, the skin tag should fall off.

Dr Oz: Bad Breath Tonsil Remedy

A husband in the audience ambushed his wife and revealed her health secret—bad breath. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he stated that his wife’s breath was so bad, the dog won’t even kiss her. (I would love to hear that conversation on the ride home.) Dr Oz asked his wife, Sharene, to come down to the stage. (Just in case the people in the back couldn’t see the lady with the onion breath!)

Sharene told Dr Oz that she gets white clumps in the back of the throat. If they get large enough, she has to pick them out. When she picks them, the smell goes away until the next batch occurs.
Dr Oz and the husband put on the purple gloves and inspected Sharene’s mouth. They freeze frame one of the lesions. Inside Sharene’s mouth, they saw a hole with a little white lesion growing in the hole. .

Dr Oz showed the tonsil and explained that holes in the tonsil got food stuck in them. This occurs frequently with people that have post-nasal drip. The size of the hole normally varies between the size of a flaxseed or a pearl. (Sharene’s are in between)

Remedy: Use nasal sprays for post-nasal drip. You can also use a water pick, which irrigates the area and washes it out before it becomes a big stone.

Dr Oz: Hairy Nipple Edamame & Soy Diet

Four women across the country had the same question and all were embarrassed to ask on camera. They wanted to know about hairy nipples and why they occurred. Dr Oz explained that you’re most likely to get hairy nipples after menopause. Dr Oz picked lucky seat #52 to come on down and help him explain. Eileen, the audience member, stated that she had a little hair around her nipples but her husband liked it. (Okay, TMI, lady, really!)

Why it occurs: Hairy nipples occur because as we get older, the ovaries make less estrogen, which causes hair growth around the nipples. Not a big issue if you have few hair strands, however doctors become concerned if they see male pattern hair growth on chest. This indicates an imbalance of your testosterone/estrogen levels. In younger women, hairy nipples may indicate polycystic ovary syndrome, which may cause infertility.

Remedy: Maintain estrogen levels as high as you can with soy nuts and edamame beans. These foods increase the healthy kind of estrogen in the body. Oral contraceptives work well too.

Dr Oz: Boils Shaving Tips

The next audience member asked their questions with dark shades, a hat and a wig. She wanted to know how to deal with the growth under her arms. She stated she couldn’t wear a bra sometimes because it rubbed up against the growth.

Dr Oz examined her and saw a large, red sore. He stated her issue was a boil. Dr Oz says some form due to hairs after the shaving process. When you shave your hair, it pulls and tears the hair follicle, damaging that area. When new growth starts, it cannot come out and ends up coiling, which causes bacteria. The hair wants to pop through the skin, but it can’t, so the painful boil forms. If it gets large enough, you may need a doctor to cut and drain it. (yuck!)

Remedy: when shaving, first prep the area with castor oil or olive oil. This will make the skin smoother. Also, use a brand new blade to give you an even cut.

Dr Oz: Nail Fungus Mouthwash Spray

Dr Oz’s Bonus Tip: Kill nail fungus with a mouthwash and vinegar spray. Fill a spray bottle with half mouthwash and half vinegar and spray the area a couple of times a day.

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  1. Hope Lewis says:

    Is there a cure for snoring? I have environmental allergies and get a postnatal drip on occasions. I snore when I am tired or when my allergy is acting up.
    I was out of town two weeks ago and shared a room with two friends. I was embarassed to learn that my snoring kept them awake. I actually awoke and heard myself snoring at 2 a.m and was afraid to fall asleep again.They were laughing at my snoring when I awoke.It was not funny to me as they were very tired the next day, like I was.That was a bad week with the postnasal drip and I fell asleep very tired.
    There has to be a cure. I need some advice and yor help ASAP. I am prepared for whatever it takes, ENT surgery or something.
    Thank you for your response.

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