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Dr Oz: Your Most Outrageous Questions Answered

The Doctor Oz Show put out a nationwide call across America for your most outrageous questions ever. Thousands answered the call by asking questions about their most embarrassing body issues via phone, e-mail and yes, even video tape. Some of the questions asked were regarding sweaty hands and sores on the bottom of your feet. Even Shaq taped a video with his question.

Dr Oz: Skin Tags Dental Floss Remover

Joanne, an audience member, asked her question in silhouette.


  1. Hope Lewis says

    Is there a cure for snoring? I have environmental allergies and get a postnatal drip on occasions. I snore when I am tired or when my allergy is acting up.
    I was out of town two weeks ago and shared a room with two friends. I was embarassed to learn that my snoring kept them awake. I actually awoke and heard myself snoring at 2 a.m and was afraid to fall asleep again.They were laughing at my snoring when I awoke.It was not funny to me as they were very tired the next day, like I was.That was a bad week with the postnasal drip and I fell asleep very tired.
    There has to be a cure. I need some advice and yor help ASAP. I am prepared for whatever it takes, ENT surgery or something.
    Thank you for your response.

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