Dr Oz: SkinnyShirt, Flexees Fat Free Dressing Tanks & CoolSculpting


Dr Oz: Back Fat Solutions

In this segment, Dr Oz spoke about back fat solutions like CoolSculpting, the SkinnyShirt, and Flexees Fat Free Dressing Tanks.  He brought up audience member, Shara, who was brave enough to wear a sports bra on stage. (What a trooper!)  Shara stated that she has always had back fat but has noticed it more in the past couple of years.  Dr Oz took Shara to a mirror and had her look at her back fat and describe what she saw.  (Seriously, what a trooper!)  Shara said she hated the way her back fat looked and has tried working out and eating better but nothing has worked.


  1. Tami says

    I would try just about anything…………I would love to try Coolsculpting sounds like its easy on the body and no down time thats what I like!

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