Dr Oz Sleep Clinic: Trouble Falling Asleep? Staying Asleep? Sleep Aids


Dr Oz: Sleep Clinic

Dr Oz launched a Sleep Clinic that helped patients from coast to coast, and that experiment helped him figure out America’s biggest sleep problems.

With the Sleep Disorders Institute, Dr Oz set up a sleep clinic and hotline. What did people need to know about their sleep health? He partnered with a variety of experts to come up with the most helpful advice. The team took phone calls, shared recommendations, and saw patients in person.

Dr Oz: How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Experts now recommend about seven hours of sleep per night as a guideline. Dr Michael Breus suggested giving yourself an electronic curfew so that you will stay off social media. Another expert said that sleeping less than five hours a night is cause for serious health concerns.



  1. Anthony Mendoza says

    Help,help,help please I’m a Die-abetic & have high blood presher,allso to make matters worse my mom past away early this year.now let me tell you my illness. Startingmy head ,I feel stiffness in my neck then on the right side of my head feels like presher their. Allso I’m lossing pounds, I lost close to30 pounds in a week. I live in Houston I’m unemployedand feel like less than nothing because when I try to work and can’t finish a job coworkers make fun of me but I ignor them but the words stick in my head all night. So pleas help,help,help me. Thank you for your time.a men and god bless you and your staff.

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