Dr Oz: Sleep Phones Review

Dr Oz: Sleep Aids

Dr Oz did a show on Sleep Aids, because many adults cannot get through the night without them.  He played a game called Let’s Make A Health Deal: Sleep Edition, where one person from the audience could choose to trade in their favorite Sleep Aid for something hidden in a box.  Doctor Oz gave away a vacation and a set of Sleep Phones with a MP3 player, which looked like an iPod!  And best of all, the guests got to keep their Sleep Aids in the end too!

Dr Oz: Apple Vacations Review

Doctor Oz’s first contestant said that she likes to sleep in tall soft socks, but she was willing to trade them in for box number 2, which had a sombrero Dr Oz Sleep Phones Reviewand tickets for a trip for two to the Western Cancun Resort and Spa (courtesy of Apple Vacations).  She said that she never had a honeymoon with her husband, so she was thrilled to win this trip!

Dr Oz: Sleep Phones

Dr Oz’s second contestant said that she cannot sleep without her favorite down pillow, which she even takes with her on vacation.  She said she washes it to get rid of dust mites and even sprays it with lavender essential oil.  But she was willing to trade it in for box number 1, which contained Sleep Phones and a MP3 Player.  Dr Oz said that Sleep Phones are like pajamas for your ears.  They keep out sounds that might keep you awake (like your partner snoring!) and replace it with soothing music from your favorite MP3 Player!


  1. Joe says

    I’m not sure if I would wear a sleep phone to sleep. I feel that it may be dangerous in that you really would not hear what’s going on in case of emergency like a fire breakout or things of that nature.

  2. says

    I was actually thinking the same thing Joe… not sure that I’d feel comfortable not being able to hear anything going on in my house while I sleep. Unless I wore them just until I felt like I could fall asleep, and then I’d take them off. Though I wonder just how much noise and sound they block out.

  3. Beth Ann says

    Actually, I could see where you might worry about that. But I have a pair of SleepPhones, and I know you definitely hear something like a fire alarm, a clock radio alarm, breaking glass, anything like that with them on. When I nap I use my smartphone as an alarm so I don’t nap too long and I hear that alarm with SleepPhones on and my music playing. One thing I found they are not at all like earbuds where everything is drowned out by the music, since they sit over your ears and not in them like earbuds.

    For them to work you can’t have the music too loud anyway. My husband snores and the music I play is soft but enough to distract me from the snoring and relax me to help me fall asleep. But a loud, sudden noise (like our cat knocking over my water glass in the bathroom last night which is why I know I can hear glass breaking!), I can definitely hear with them on.

    They’ve been a God-send to me. Before I got them, I was exhausted all day and coffee wouldn’t even help. Now I can get enough sleep so I am not nodding at work. They really do work and are definitely safe! And I couldn’t get over they were on Dr. Oz!

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