Dr Oz: Sleep Plan: 5 Step Sleep Plan With Donnica Moore

Dr Oz did a segment called Dr Oz’s Get Back to Sleep Plan & Dr Donnica Moore and followed it up with this 5 Step Sleep Plan to teach us how to fall asleep and how to stay asleep.  Doctor Oz broke it down using each letter in the word SLEEP, so we should be able to remember these tips at night!

Dr Oz: 5 Step Sleep Plan

S – Stop The Alcohol

Dr Oz said that the S in sleep stands for stopping the alcohol at least 2 hours before bed.  Alcohol is the number one beverage that will stop you from getting a good night’s sleep, but many Dr Oz 5 Step Sleep Planpeople drink wine or beer before going to bed.  Alcohol makes you sleepy at first, so you do fall asleep.  However, it wears off and then you wake up.  Sleep is rhythmic and alcohol stops the rhythm dead in its tracks by making your brain chemicals get out of whack.

L – Lose The Light

Dr Oz said that the L in sleep stands for losing the light and turning off all of your electronics.  Why is this so important?  If you use your bed for things other than sleep, and you have light or electronics around your bed, then a gland deep in your brain that excretes a hormone called Melatonin turns off and you wake up.  You want to sleep like a bat, which sleeps for 16 hours per night (though we only need half of that).  Bats sleep in dark caves for a reason!

E – Environment

Dr Oz said the first E in sleep stands for environment.  You should check the temperature in your room if you are not sleeping well.  The ideal temperature for sleep is 65 degrees F.

E – Extra Time

Dr Oz said the second E in sleep stands for extra time, which means you should Lose the Snooze!  There are no restorative benefits of hitting a snooze button.  It is better to wake-up as soon as the alarm goes off and to take a nap later on.  Set a wake-up time and stick to it.

P – Practice

Dr Oz said that the P in sleep stands for practice, because you have to train yourself to sleep.  People do not fall asleep – we should not even use this phrase – you have to train yourself to get asleep.  Practice relaxing and visualize somewhere that you want to be.  Try meditating.  Count backwards by 3’s from 100.  But do not go to the computer.  You need to let your body and mind slow down so you get a good night’s sleep.



  1. Linda Sims says

    I was amazed by the different ways sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep each night can affect you! I would like to watch this episode again. Is there a site to view past episodes of Dr. Oz?

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