Dr Oz: Sleeping Face Down Causes Wrinkles & Deodorant Causes Cancer


Dr Oz did a segment called Urban Health Myths Exposed.  Does deodorant with aluminum cause cancer?  Does sleeping on your face cause wrinkles?  If you swallow something poisonous, should you vomit it up as soon as possible?  Doctor Oz answered all of these questions!

Dr Oz: If You Swallow Poison Should You Vomit?

Dr Oz’s first question was if you swallow something poisonous, should you vomit it back up as soon as possible?  No!  Dr Oz said that this is a myth and that anything Dr Oz Urban Health Myths Exposedthat is poisonous going down can be poisonous going back up.  For example, if you swallow poison that burns your esophagus and throat on the way down, then it can burn your esophagus and throat even worse on the way back up.

Dr Oz: Does Deodorant Cause Cancer?

Dr Oz’s second question was if deodorant with aluminum causes cancer.  This is also a myth according to Dr Oz, because nobody has been able to show that the aluminum compounds actually cause cancer.  However, in another Dr Oz segment, he mentioned that he personally avoids Antiperspirants with aluminum and only uses deodorants.  Click here to read about that segment: Dr Oz Body Odor.

Dr Oz: Sleeping On Your Face Causes Wrinkles

Dr Oz’s final question was if sleeping face down causes wrinkles or not.  This is in fact true!  If you sleep on your side, you are increasing the pressure to your face, so it is better to sleep on your back.

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