Dr. Oz: Sleeping Pill Addiction of Shay After Inpatient Treatment

By on April 28, 2010

Doctor Oz brought Shay on his television show to help her with her Sleeping Pill Addiction.  Dr Oz determined that Shay needed inpatient treatment, and so she went to a clinic for a month.  Dr Oz followed up with her, and here is Shay’s fabulous progress on her Sleeping Pill Addiction!  Sleeping Pill Addiction

Sleeping Pill Addiction – Story of Shay

Shay said that the first few days of her Inpatient Treatment for Sleeping Pill Addiction was like torture, but after the first week things started to get better and her addiction became easier to manage.  Shay stayed in Inpatient Treatment for a month, and has now been home for three months.  Shay has won her battle against her Sleeping Pill Addiction and now gets much better sleep.

Sleeping Pill Addiction Tips

Shay gave the following tips that she learned in her Inpatient Treatment about how to fall asleep without the use of Sleeping Pills.

1.  Meditate at night.  For example, Shay often thinks about her dreams from the night before.

2.  Write down your worries.  Instead of worrying at night, write down your worries during the day.

We are very proud of you Shay and your inspirational story of beating your Sleeping Pill Addiction!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Sleeping Pill Addiction of Shay After Inpatient Treatment

  1. Attitude is everything. To break any addiction the patient must be the one to say “I am ready. It is time. I want to do this for myself.” Shay went into this with a positive attitude. She was ready to do this for herself. I am so proud of her. Thank you to Dr. Oz, her friends, her family, the treatment center, and anyone else directly involved in her treatment and follow up. Dr. Oz, you have truly made a difference in this precious womans life.

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