Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Addiction

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Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Addiction

By on June 24, 2010

Doctor Oz did a show on Sleeping Pill Addiction.  A woman named Shay (short for Shannon) has been addicted to prescription sleeping pills for almost a year.  Between work, stress, and her kids, it was hard to get a good night’s sleep.  So she asked her doctor for a prescription for sleeping pills, but she soon the regular dose was not having the same impact so she started to take more.  Shay said she depends on her sleeping pills to be able to make her go to sleep, because they numb her from her worries about having lost her job and her mortgage.  She started with 1 pill a night, and is now up to 2-3 pills per night.  Sleeping Pill Addiction

Shay told Dr Oz she realized she had a problem when she could not remember what she did the night before and she had fallen down the stairs.  She claims to not have an addictive personality, but Dr Oz kind of shot down that notion by saying that smoking cigarettes (which she also does) is also a sign of being a person who gets addicted to crutches.

Debra Jay said that doctors and patients are not paying attention to guidelines when taking sleeping pills.  People think they are harmless and safe, which is why people who have Sleeping Pill Addictions are called the Accidental Addict.  Dr Oz said that by taking a sleeping pill, you only get 25 minutes of extra sleep… so why are doctors prescribing Sleeping Pills at all if this is the case?

Dr Oz said that what happens with Sleeping Pill Addicts is that they build up a tolerance.  The sleeping pills slows down the firing of the neurons in your brain, but eventually your brain starts to fire harder and faster to fight back against the sleeping pills, so then you need to take even more medicine to get the same effect.  The danger of sleeping pills includes spikes in blood pressure, seizures and serious medical conditions.

Shay’s Truth Tube Results:

Weight: 122 pounds

BMI: 17.5, which is dangerously thin

Number Sleeping Pills: 75 pills per month (2.5 times the absolute maximum you should take)

Shay will be 39 but her body thinks she is 50 years old.

Dr Oz told Shay that she needs inpatient treatment, because the addictive mind thinks differently, so if you give yourself time to think about it, you will talk yourself out of it.  Paige Bottom took Shay to an inpatient treatment center at La Paloma Treatment Center.

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