Dr Oz: Sleepy’s Dr Breus Signature Bed & Organic Popcorn

After announcing the Dr Oz Hot List , Doctor Oz did a special segment just for his favorite least expensive product and his favorite most expensive product: Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil and Sleepy’s Dr Breus Signature Bed!  Both of these items together would make for a fabulous evening of cuddling in bed, watching a movie and snacking on some healthy popcorn.  Sounds like the perfect holiday present to me! Dr Oz Sleepy's Mattress

Dr Oz: Sleepy’s Dr Breus Signature Mattress

Dr Oz’s most expensive item on the Dr Oz Hot List was the Sleepy’s Dr Breus Signature Mattress, which retails for $2249.  You spend 1/3 of your time sleeping, and if you do not get a good night’s sleep, it can lead to depression, obesity and diabetes.  Dr Oz said that the Dr Breus Signature line of mattresses are made from a material called tempsense that changes depending on how hot or cold you are.  This sounds amazing because my husband is always hot at night, and I am always cold (except for when I have horrible hot flashes!).  Sounds like this mattress is perfect!

Dr Oz: Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil

Dr Oz said that organic popcorn is a whole grain packed with antioxidants and fiber.  For $1.79 you can get a bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil, which is of course seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and natural sea salt.  It has no trans fats and just 130 calories in 2 cups.  Dr Oz said that some other brands of bagged popcorn contain 2000 calories for the same 2 cup serving.  This is yet another reason for me to love Trader Joe’s!


  1. robyn collins says

    this mattress is one that i really need for my severely chronic backpain and one also going through lifes changes i sometimes feel so hot and my husband is cold or visa versa and it would be the perfect one for me i hope that someone with a careing heart is watching reading and listening to my holiday wish this is one that will be on my list im unable to afford it at such a price me being on disability, but I still have hope!

  2. Teddi Sparks says

    My husband and I wake up every morning with severe back pain. Dr Breus Signature Mattress
    seems to be the right one for our needs, but the price is a little too steep for us. Can you suggest another bed similar or just as good. that cost less? Thanks you all of your brilliant advice.

  3. Heather says

    After doing some research and reading this Dr Oz post, i had to try this bed. Fortunately I live in NY and there is a retailer here that offers the Dr Breus Bed. I did not necessary need the entire sales pitch, I did research the bed features before going into the store, One of the best things I like about the bed is the tempsense, because my husband sleeps warmer than me and it makes a big difference in the battle to control the thermostat at night.

  4. Darby says

    have had my Dr Breus Signature King now for over 2 months and all I can say is wow. I recently developed back pain after the birth of my child and my doctor sent me to a physical therapist who gave me an excercise routine that helped some, but I still wasn’t back to feeling 100%. Then the therapist asked questions about the bed I was sleeping on, and ended up recommending that I look into some of the newer beds on the market. So I went into the store and tried out several of them, and ended up choosing the Signature Dr. Breus. With the combination of the exercises and my new bed, I have had absolutely no back issues since the very first night.

  5. Jamie says

    Did a good bit of research and spent time in mattress stores before my wife and I purchased a Dr Breus mattress few months ago, and have to the last 3 months have been the best sleep we have ever got.
    We were choosing between a Tempur Pedic Cloud and the Dr Breus mattress and we tried both mattresses in 3 different stores, wanted to lie down and feel them all to ensure same fell from place to place. We finally our way to a Sleepy’s in East Hanover where Bruce helped us make our final choose on what Dr Breus bed was right for us. After a few questions from the salesman Bruce he showed us the Platinum. We both really like a soft bed, and got a great deal on the Signature Platinum. Delivery and set-up of the mattress was quick and professional. One other note, the Dr Breus first night kit was really a neat bonus that came with the mattress.

  6. Mack says

    We purchased the Dr Breus King Size Signature Elite mattress set and after going through several mattresses in the past 15 yrs because of continuous lower back problems, i finally found a bed that solves my sleepless nights and also something my wife loves. My wife approval was also a critical and important point because she has always favored the softer mattresses. So finding the bed that we both could enjoy and rest comfortably has been quite a task over the past 15yrs.

    This Dr Breus bed was just what we have been looking for. We purchased this back in the first part of the year and one the biggest problems we had had in the past was that after the first 3-4 months it seemed as if our old mattresses would loose some of it’s shape and form around my body creating additional issues when i slept. Also many of our past mattress sets; I would wake up somewhat hot. Now it could be that i’m a little large but i just knew there was something on the market that could maintain the great back support, have that subtle softness everyone likes in a mattress, and keep me cool….that was the Dr Breus Signature bed sets. Great value price wise within our budget and seems to be well manufactured.

    I would say “It’s just what the Dr ordered” no pun intended.

  7. Erica Mulinare says

    I purchased a Dr. Breus bed in February 2011. After the first month, my husband and I noticed there was already body impressions. Now it is August and we are extremely disappointed. The bed doesn’t show sagging, so we can’t get a replacement, (yet!), but we sure can feel the sagging and soft spots. Where I sit on the side of the bed to take off my shoes and get in …. has ‘failed’. I practically flatten the mattress in this spot… if I move toward the end or head of the bed, it’s a little more firm, but I’m sure it would ‘flatten’ if I used the area(s) more. I would be very careful buying this mattress. Dr. Oz may have recommended it, but there are a lot of unhappy people because of this mattress!
    Good Luck!

  8. charlotte peters says

    How do I try to win or get something thats given away on the show?? Dr Oz said to come to this website but I can’t figure out where to apply. Thank you, Charlotte Peters

  9. Joe says

    For a much much cheaper alternative, we got the memory matress topper for all of our beds from Costco. I wonder how many people could affort that Dr. Breus bed.

  10. Joe says

    I come here to learn lately, and know this site has nothing to do with Dr. Oz and/or his show in terms of business coneections. Just amazed at how many people are interested in free lunch, which just doesn’t exit. One has to help him/her-self.

  11. Matt says

    I have owned the Dr Breus Bed now for almost a year and the best bed ever owned! The quality, materials and especially the durability are top notch! I would recommend this mattress to any of my friends.

  12. Danette says

    This is the worst mattress we have ever purchased. Agree with Erica on everything. Sags in the middle so badly. Doubt it can be returned after having it almost a yr. I wake up with back pain every morning. Wish I had my sleep #bed back. Do not buy this bed as correct as Dr. Oz is on his info he got this one way wrong. Hate this bed!

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