Dr Oz: Slipper Genie, Glass Wizard & Mister Steamy Dryer Balls Review

Dr Oz: As Seen On TV Products

Dr Oz brought back his Consumer Mom, Susan Scharf, to give reviews on the Slipper Genie, the Glass Wizard and Mister Steamy Dryer Balls – all “As Seen On TV Products.”  You might remember Scharf from her last appearance on the Doctor Oz Show where she reviewed Easy Feet (click here for a recap in case you missed that show: Dr Oz: Easy Feet, Emjoi, InStyler).

Dr Oz: Slipper Genie Review

Doctor Oz’s first “As Seen On TV Product” was the Slipper Genie, which are these great fuzzy slippers that clean Dr Oz Consumer Momthe floor while you dance around.  Susan Scharf said she loved them and showed a before and after photo of her hardwood floors to demonstrate how great they were at picking up dust bunnies.  She said they are very soft and the bottom of the Slipper Genie peels right off because they are attached with velcro.  So you can throw them right into the washing machine for a quick cleanup.  Or Scharf said that she found it equally successful to just shake out the Slipper Genies outside.  Plus, she said that the Slipper Genies give your legs a great workout as you dance around the tables to clean your floors.

Dr Oz: Mister Steamy Dryer Balls Review

Dr Oz’s second “As Seen On TV Product” was the Mister Steamy Dryer Balls.  Scharf said that you should not throw your irons away with this product.  It is a great concept for $14.95, but it does not take out all of the wrinkles from your clothing and it does make quite a bit of noise.  The way you use the Mister Steamy Dryer Balls is by pouring water into the balls and then you place them in the dryer along with your wet clothes.

Dr Oz: Glass Wizard Review

Doctor Oz’s final “As Seen On TV Product” was the Glass Wizard, which promises easy, streak-free glass.  Susan Scharf said that the Glass Wizard might just be the easiest way to clean glass that was ever invented.  She loved it!  Each Glass Wizard comes with something that looks like a microfiber hospital cap.  You use very little cleaning fluid to spray on the windows, and then clean it off with the Glass Wizard.  Another great bonus is that you save money by not needing to use paper towels and it is a “green” product for this same reason.  Plus, she said it is great for cleaning up high on windows that you often can’t reach and it gets down inside of the windshield on your car as well.

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