Dr Oz: Sneaky Stimulants: Pain Medicine, Multivitamins & Chocolate


Dr Oz did a segment called Sneaky Stimulants: Surprising Reasons You’re Up At Night.  Doctor Oz said that there are surprising hiding places that caffeine hide that many of us do not think of.  What can keep you up at night other than coffee?  How about the caffeine in pain relief medications, chocolate chip granola bars and multivitamins?

Dr Oz: Caffeine in Pain Relief Medication

Dr Oz asked whether antacids or pain relief medications are Sneaky Stimulants?  The answer is pain relief medications, because a common ingredient is caffeine since it can help with Dr Oz Stimulantsmigraine headaches – but it also can keep you up all night long if you are not careful.

Dr Oz: Caffeine in Chocolate

Dr Oz asked whether chocolate wafer cookies or chocolate chip granola bars have more caffeine in them.  The answer is that chocolate chip granola bars have more caffeine because the chocolate wafer cookies are all synthetic and do not have any real chocolate.  Dr Oz said that the chocolate wafer cookies are still bad for you though, but they won’t keep you awake.

Dr Oz: Caffeine in Multivitamins

Dr Oz asked which vitamin and supplement has caffeine in it – fiber supplements or a multi-vitamin?  The answer is that multivitamins can have caffeine in them, especially the ones that claim to boost your energy.  Often people take multivitamins along with coffee, and this can really cause you to get jitters.

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