Dr Oz Sore Throat: Cold Virus vs Strep Bacteria: Sore Throat Cures

By on November 19, 2010

Dr Oz’s Sore Throat segment came right in time, because I have a very sore throat today.  With cold and flu season upon us, one of the very first signs that we are sick is that we get sore throats.  Doctor Oz gave advice on How to Diagnose a Sore Throat.  Most throats that are sore and achy have either a Virus or a Bacterial Infection.  What is the difference between a Virus and Strep Throat though? Dr Oz How to Get Rid of Throat Pain

Dr Oz: Strep Throat vs Virus

Dr Oz said that the main difference between having Strep Throat and a Virus is that with Strep Throat it is a bacterial infection where you get puss on the back of your throat or on your tonsils.  You can get some inflammation and irritation, as well as phlegm, from the Strep Bacteria too.  In a Viral Infection, you will mainly see redness from inflammation and irritation, as well as phlegm – but you will not see white puss.  Throat pain differs between the Strep Bacteria and a Viral Infection too.

Dr Oz: Cold Virus

Here are some common traits of the Cold Virus:

– pain lasts 1-2 days

– runny or stuffy nose

– cough

– prescription antibiotics will not work

Dr Oz: Strep Bacteria

Here are some common traits of the Strep Bacteria:

– pain lasts 3-7 days

– swollen tonsils and lymph nodes

– fever over 101 degrees

– 10 days of penicillin is generally prescribed

Dr Oz said that both the Cold Virus and Strep Bacteria are highly contagious, because every time that a person sneezes, 100,000 droplets are released and spread like an aerosol to infect everyone near them.

Dr Oz: Sore Throat Soothers

If you have a sore throat, here are some things that Dr Oz recommended trying:

1.  Humidifiers

2.  Throat Spray

3.  Slippery Elm Lozenges

4.  Ibuprofen

Dr Oz said that Slippery Elm Lozenges are great because they coat the back of your throat.  I will have to keep  my eyes peeled for these at the store!  And he also said that Ibuprofen is better for sore throats than Acetaminophen.

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