Dr Oz: Sound Machine & Cooling Mattress Pad FREE Giveaways

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Dr Oz: Sound Machine & Cooling Mattress Pad FREE Giveaways

By on January 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Sleep Sweepstakes Giveaways

Okay, so you know you need some sleep in order to lose weight (from this Lose Weight While You Sleep Plan), but how do you get that sleep? On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you how to get a good night’s sleep with 4 important bedroom items. The best part; the first 1000 people to sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation will get these items FREE. To register today for your chance to win a million bucks and all of these Sleep Sweepstakes, visit Dr Oz’s website.

Dr Oz: Memory Foam Core Pillow by Comfort Revolution

-Comfort Revolution: Memory Core Pillow Review:

Dr Oz Sleep Sweepstakes

Dr Oz Sleep Sweepstakes

This works by keeping your head cradled and aligned. Doctor Oz is giving away 1000 of these pillows and all you need to do is sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation today!

Dr Oz gave away the pillows to the entire studio audience.

Dr Oz: Bucky Eye Shades with Earplugs Review

-Bucky Eye Mask with Earplugs: The eye mask is good for a person who sleeps with someone who likes to read in bed. The eye mask will keep the light from shining in. Use the earplugs if you have a snoring partner.

Want these items free? (I love free stuff!) All you have to do is sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation today for your chance to get free earplugs and a free eye mask. Lucky audience members received the earplugs and eye masks!

Dr Oz: Marpac Sound Machine Review

– Marpac Sound Machine: This product will mask noise while still enabling you to hear your kids. (Too bad!)

Want your free sound machine? Sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation and for your chance to get your free sound machine. As you probably guessed, the entire audience received the sound machine.

Dr Oz: Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad by Gilligan & Ferneman

-Gilligan & Ferneman: Cooling Mattress Pad or Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad: NASA uses this same technology to help keep your body temperature regulated.

Dr Oz is giving away the mattress for the first 1000 people who register for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation!

When you sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation, you will also get a sleep tracker tool to help you manage sleep. Sign up today to be eligible to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Bonus Tip: The #1 thing you can do in the morning to kick-start your weight loss: Eat 30 g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Turkey bacon will rev up your metabolism all day long.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Sound Machine & Cooling Mattress Pad FREE Giveaways

  1. Rebecca Artis says:

    Thanks so much

  2. Monique Dupuis says:

    that is just grate

  3. I’m desperate for a sound machine. Very hard to removed husband’s snoring and son,s guitar playing. I,m 66 and feel like 106! Please help!!

  4. margaret reilly says:

    dr. ox i am a very bad sleeper i hope i can get the mattress cover and the sound machine

  5. My husband snores most nights and I am a nurse who rises at 4:30 to be in to work at 6:00 am.. Help…I could benefit from a Marpac sound machine!!!
    Thank you so much,

    Beverley Ojalammi :)

  6. We would love an opprotunity to have these in our home. I am widowed and sleep seems to be the hardest part of life to readjust to. A chance to have these wonderful items to help improve my life is a blessing.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Dr.OZ,
    I think your show was great as they all are. Your weight loss and sleep products would probably help me as well,due to me no sleeping night. Love your shows.
    Sandra harris

  8. My husband snores most nights and I am a nurse and have to rise at 4:30 am to be to the hospital for 6:00 am.. Can you please help me by sending me a Marpac sound machine.
    Thanks you so much!!

    Bev Ojalammi :)

  9. Rosie Jory says:

    I need matteres pad, I have diabetes and get hot & cold at night, I am never confortable, I drive my husband crazy kicking cover on & off all night.

  10. I really need the sound machine I wake up so easily, door closing, someone on the stairs, my son-in law really snores, so the eye ask and earplugs would be quite helpful, and I wake up sweating even though I keep my room cool at night, I really hope to get these items, I have recommended to my daughter to get the earplugs, so she can rest

  11. JoAnn Remak says:

    I watched the show today and I need help Dr.Oz well here it is I need all free items here is why my husband is a toss and turn I feel like Im sleeping with an octopus on top of that he snores and breaths out of his mouth blowing bubbles yes I mean bubbles I have actually push him from side to side to make him stop but no contest, the worst thing a couple can do is put a flat screen tv in the bedroom the light bothers my eyes and the football games drive me insane its a constant struggle, the pillows sometimes I have one and sometime I do not I love him dearly but i need my rest. Help ?????

  12. Dr Oz your show has helped me so much, keep up the good work, bless you

  13. Eleanor Nicol says:

    I was very impressed with your show and would love to try those items you shared with others on today’s show. Are they available for Canadians? I have always had a difficult time with sleeping and am discouraged about my weight. Thank you!
    Eleanor Nicol. Chatham. Ontario, Canada

  14. Dorothy Barrett says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway items

  15. I can not sleep without some noise . I ve been using a fan, but its winter. My wife thinks Im crazy.Help!

  16. Colleen McGilp says:

    Love love love Dr Oz. I watch him everyday and he has changed my life. I share with my family and friends about what I learn from Dr.Oz it is known as a Dr. Ozisum moment and they listen and don’t want to admit that they are better because of it… I would love the chance to be a winner!!!

    Thank you
    Colleen McGilp

  17. Where do I go to sign up for free giveaways? I have been all over Dr. Oz’s sites, and I don’t see where I am suppose to sign up. Help!

  18. Nora Martinez says:

    I really need all 3 giveaways. Especially the one to help with the snoring. My husband keeps me up so many nights with his LOUD SNORING

  19. Thank you, I am always cold in the winter time no matter how many blankets I pile on, this sounds like just the thing I could use. Thank you, thank you.

  20. I am desperate to find a solution to help me increase my sleep of 2-4 hrs/night. Thank you for informing me of the products and will be so relieved to get better sleep.

  21. have alot of sleep issues would love to get a full night sleep if these things help it would be nice to have them love your show get all your emails here in british columbia canada share them with alot of friends

  22. Shirley Buckley says:

    I never get over 5 hrs of sleep,my husband snores and wakes me up 3-4 times a night

  23. chris payne says:

    would love to have the mattress pad and the rest of the items as well to sleep better. Thanks

  24. Dr. Oz where can I purchase the items from todays show 1/23/12? I’m so sure you have passed all of the items out for today. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  25. Marcia Gleason says:

    I was going to sign up for the free pillow, mattress pad, etc. but couldn’t figure out what to do.
    So hopefully I am doing this right. Thank you, enjoy your show so much, very helpful.Thanks, Marcia

  26. I Would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cooling mattress pad and the sound machine. I also LOVE your show and all the wonderful information you give out to make us a healthier America!! Now if only I could implement all the wonderful information on weight loss, losing 14 lbs with better sleep and healthy eating into my own life! thanks DR. OZ!!

  27. Juliana Michael says:

    Please register me for the sleep aids. I’ve battled insomnia for decades and any help is appreciated.

  28. There is another Province called Saskatchewan. It was missing on your list of Canadian Provinces when I applied for your sweepstake contests. Economically it is probably the most sound province and is the 2nd highest paid province next to Alberta. We will educate the Americans yet, I promise you – just have to reach the media. Like we say in Canada, if IT has something to do with the Americans and IT affects the Americans, then they will hear about it. I lived in Virginia for 25 years, I know how much they know about Canada. Not very much. It is quite pitiful really. Love you Dr. Oz and love your giveaways. You are a great Doctor!

  29. Ken Woodhouse says:

    Please esnd us a sound machine and a cooling mattress

  30. I need matteres pad, I have Thyroid and get hot & cold at night, I am never confortable. I don’t sleep most of night time. So, it is very hard for me to wake in the mornings!

    Best Regards,

    Z. Kadie

  31. Dear Dr.OZ,
    I love your show and i love you. I had already signed up for transformation nation. I looked all over the sight and couldn’t find anywhere to sign up for Mondays free give aways. I thouught that it maybe due to the vision issue i was currently having due to my Sickle Cell Anemia SC disease, but it wasn’t. You discuss a lot of things that i deal with. Based on the time guess you can tell i’m not sleeping. Thank you for all you do.

  32. thank you i would love to , have the cooling mattress pad, and the pillow hope this will help my back thank you martha

  33. yes i would love to have the cooling mattress pad , and pillow . thank you martha

  34. Janie Arndt says:

    Would you please sign me up for Dr. Oz’s Transportation Nation in order to receive FREE marpac sound machine?

  35. Janie Arndt says:

    would you please sign me up for a free MARPAC SOUND MACHINE. from Dr. Oz’s transportation nation?

  36. where is the transformation nation information? Also there is nowhere to sign up for any of Mondays free sleep giveaways. I would love to get them all! I need my sleep! Thanks

  37. thanks for giving away cooling pad & pillow, i would love to have the cooling mattress pad , and pillow . thank you.

  38. I’d love to win these. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  39. What a wonderful giveaway!

  40. genevieve jones says:

    Been using a sound machine for 25 yrs that offers 2 levels of steady sound. Volume also
    adjustable for clear and muffled. Advertised in Harrington Catalog. About 50+ $$.

  41. swtiepie30 says:

    Gastric by-pass surgery is very serious and reserved for the morbidly obese. Oz is too young to
    know all of the facts about this surgery. Should talk to other doctors who are experts in the field –and have several years experience in doing this operation. He is too casual about much of the products that he pushes. I’m no longer infatuated.

  42. So HAPPY!! That Opera found you and sharing you with us.
    I would love to try your suggestions on sleeping. It would
    Be so wonderful to sleep again. And get up at a normal time.
    It has been 4 ½ years of not having a good night sleep.
    Sleeping pills did not work.
    Thank you for sharing and caring. Annette

  43. Would you please send a sound machine to me?

  44. How do I get the free pillow and mattress pad? Please email me

  45. How do I get the free pillow and mattress pad? Does Mail mean my home adddress?


  46. I like to watch Dr. Oz and I share with my family and friends all the wonderful information you give out to make us a healthier. I would like to get a full night sleep if these things help it would be nice to have them.

    Sawsan Ar.

  47. i would love to get cooling mattress so i can get a better nights sleep,,,,,,i have a king size mattress thanks so much dr oz ..

  48. Hello, When will we find out who are the 1st 100
    Winners on line are for Dr Oz: Sound Machine
    & Cooling Mattress Pad FREE Giveaways ?
    Thank you, Annette

  49. Mary Butts says:

    Slept on my pillow last night. It is wonderful. Thank you so much…..

  50. pleaase send me a list of free things you give away dr.oz i would love to get stuff that you give away thanks so much dr.oz and i love your show

  51. Marian Hillyer says:

    I`m in Canada….watch show daily..can`t seem to find a sound machine here..would love to have one..great show!!…

  52. Marian Hillyer says:

    Sound mahine sounds great. would love to have one.I live on a noisy street in Canada & need to get more sleep

  53. Barb Kielkowski says:

    I would love to get the cooling mattress pad if there are any available! I am going through menopause and get so hot at night. Just saw it on a replay of your show today. I’m probably too late, but saw other posts from today so I thought it was worth a try. Thanks!

  54. Also watched the previously aired show and wondered if any more of the cooling mattress pads were available? My husband is a diabetic and suffers with leg cramps and hot flashes from one of his medications. I have varicose veins in my legs, after sleeping several hours my legs feel heavy and ache. Thanks for all the information on your show today.

  55. Need more information transformation nation also would appreciate and use the
    free four items.

  56. I would love the sound machine for my daughter, her husband snores so bad she has to sleep with ear plugs, and get to sleep before he hits the bed. I am 69 and would love the cooling mattress pad for my aches and pains. I never miss your show.

  57. I would like to receiv the cooling mattress pad seen on tv.

  58. I am going through menopause and it’s hard to get to a good night of sleep. The cooling mattress pad would help me to sleep again. Also, the sound machine for my husband who snores and for me due to my hearing is sensitive due to a stroke

  59. my husband had heart
    failure a year ago i would love for him to be able to have a good night sleep with the mattress and the sound machine

  60. would love to win the mataress cooler for my husband who had heart failure a year ago so he can have a good night sleep and alo the sound machine if at all posiable

  61. i have severe sleep apnia my heart stops 60 times per hour, having a difficult time using c pap, also had 3 surgeries to neck and shoulder, also have 2 degenetive disks in back, futhermore lost insurance benefits, this would be a gracious opportunity from dr. Oz,!!! and God!!!
    Thank You For The OPPORTUNITY!!!

  62. Dr. Oz, I am going through menepause. Most nights I have night sweats and I search for the coolest parts on the mattress. The cooler mattress pad sounds like the perfect product for me and others who are going through the same sympton. Thanks for all the helpful information you share. Please help Dr. Oz! Sincerely, Mary Ann Seigfried

  63. Can’t sleep. Restless nights. And I live bye myself. And I don’t want to take medacation to sleep.

  64. Sandi Mann says:

    My daughter turned me on to Dr. Oz and what a blessing! I’m 66, single, live alone and love my mattress but really need that cooling mattress pad! I radiate heat and my previous companions loved to cuddle in the winter but couldn’t get far enough from me in the summer.
    I started menopause when I was 35 and finally finished with that but still need fans to sleep which in turn stiffen my back muscles. The pillow looks so comfortable, too. I’ve had down pillows for far too many years! I wake up 4-5 times a night just to adjust pillows! I need your help, Dr. Oz.

  65. Dear doctor Oz I am writing this for my aunt she is 63year old she always like to do thing for other don’t take time for herself.she a diabetic and she have sleep disorder and high blood pressure and under control blood pressure.she always worry bout other.doing thing to always help other.if I could I will get her something nice because she deserve it that mattress will be very nice for her.thank you doctor and if she win the matters or don’t a least I trued and always thank God for y’all and your Show and I t lot of people and keep y’all bless and Jesus name amen but I live in Dublin Ga my address is 1310 west moore street
    PS sometime she don’t have much money to pay for her medicine bill but she still trying to help other and she had got sick before but the doctor said if she won’t to leave don’t get out of medicIne from Brittany Childs her niece

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