Dr Oz: South African Geranium for Bronchitis & Heimlich Maneuver


Dr Oz did a segment on Choking Emergencies and discussed the Heimlich Maneuver as well as cures for Bronchitis (such as South African Geranium).  Doctor Oz said that we take 20,000 breaths every single day and the air passes through your trachea.  But if your trachea is obstructed, it could be deadly.  So, how can you prevent the Killer Clog in your throat? Dr Oz Killer Clogs & Choking Emergencies

Dr Oz: Food Went Down the Wrong Tube

Dr Oz showed a tongue and how the trachea is right behind it.  The Trachea is about the length of a dollar bill and narrows toward the bottom, which is where food can get stuck.  There is also tissue in the back that warns you when you eat food.  Your esophagus is the swallowing tube bu,t if you eat too fast, your food can go down the wrong tube.  The Epiglottis should close off when you eat but, if it does not close correctly and food slips in there, you have to get rid of the obstruction  in order to make sure that your throat does not close off.

Dr Oz: Heimlich Maneuver Vest

Dr Oz said that there are 2 ways to damage the trachea, and one of them is through choking.  When someone is choking, you should look for the Universal Sign of Choking which is where they grab their throat with both hands and look in panic.  Then you should do the Heimlich Maneuver.  Dr Oz had a really cool Heimlich Maneuver Vest to teach us how to help someone who is choking.

Dr Oz: How to do the Heimlich Maneuver:

1. Make a fist with one hand


  1. Kala Martin says

    Where can I get south african geranium? I’ve search online and I haven’t been able to make a purchase because nobody sells it. Dr. Oz said that you can purchase this item online. But Where?

  2. robert marhews says

    Where can I Get south african geranium? I’ve searched online and no one sells it.. Dr OZ said you can purchase this at any homopathic shop. I had no luck. Help

  3. Dorothy Schyngera says

    I have tried to purchase south african geranium in various health stores in here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and no health shop is selling it. One health store sold me a botanical liquid called suma root and said it was the same as south african geranium but as I’ve discovered that I don’t believe it’s what I really wanted. My doctor wants me to go on antibiotics and steroid puffer. I’ve been on 5 antibiotics this year including vycomycin IV Picc line and I was hoping to find some natural product to help with my bronchitis, sinis and mild asthma. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeehelp me to find a place that I can purchase this product or I am force to either take the prescribed chemicals which will cause me more damage since I have also a fatty liver, and mild kidney problem.

  4. Joyce Laughlin says

    I have searched the interner for two days and I cannot find this product. Please, if anyone know where it can be found, I would much appreciate it.

  5. Tammi DeLana says

    I have tried to find the South African Geranium in local health stores, but they don’t have it. On-line, I find the essential oil, but on the show it looked like a nasal spray. Please let us know where to get it and how it is used for sinuses.

  6. Paulina says

    Still trying to purchase south african geranium online and can’t find it anywhere. Tincture, capsule or any other form. On the show it appeared as though it was an easy and inexpensive find… any suggestions? Many thanks for any assistance the show can provide on this recently featured product.

  7. K McCormick says

    Dr. Oz – I also understood from the show that this was easy to find and inexpensive. But unable to locate south african geranium. Please help.

  8. carmen says

    i hope that this is not a fraud saying this is a remedy and so many people have this problem and we cant find this oil anywhere people look up to you i hope your not one of those dr. frauds. dr oz

  9. Joyce Laughlin says

    I bought a product called Umcka by Nature’s Way. Look up Pelargonium sidoides………latin (?) name for South African Geranium. They have several applications..tinctures, powders, lozenges….

  10. Mrs B says

    Haven’t tried to eat a geranium since I was five years old..maybe thats why Im so sickly now lol But seriously, the best thing Ive ever found for Bronchitis is Elderberry Syrup!! It feels and tastes wonderful going down, soothing the throat, lungs and eustation tubes. When taken two to three times a day, it dramatically cuts down on the length of the virus and may even stop it in its tracks – a powerful immune booster which if taken regularly may prevent you from getting viruses in the first place 🙂 Too bad I don’t practice what I preach and now Im sick lol Gotta run out n buy a bottle tomorrow — about $15 for a small one, $25 for a family size bottle – worth every penny 🙂

  11. Jackie says

    The reason no one can but it is the huge medical companies have made it impossible to purchase. The huge powers that be want us to purchase drugs and not get well on our own. They would loose billions of pounds. The powers that be even own google that’s why it won’t tell you where you can buy it. They make it look like we have choices and search engines but that’s all controlled too.I think people need to waken up and see things for what is right in front of them.

  12. Angela Boyd says

    AOR.ca has an Advanced Cold Complex that contains 10mg or South African Geranium.

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