Dr Oz: Spanx & Shapewear Cause UTI’s & Health Problems

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Dr Oz: Spanx & Shapewear Cause UTI’s & Health Problems

By on November 2, 2011

Dr Oz: Shapewear Health Problems?

Dr Oz called this segment, “Dr Oz’s Beauty Blunders.”  A woman in the audience secretly nominated her mother to come up on stage.  Marlene, the mother, came to the stage completely surprised (and if I might add, a little peeved) with her daughter.  Marlene’s daughter stated that her mom wore shapewear every day.  In the spotlight, Marlene admitted that yes, she wore Spanx every single day and wore them all day long.  Dr Oz asked the audience members if any of them wore Spanx every day and some admitted to it.  (I believe there were a few that didn’t raise their hands, but that’s just me.)

2 Reasons Doctor Oz Worries About Every Day Shapewear Use: Dr Oz Shapewear

Dr Oz: Spanx Cause Urinary Tract Infections?

1. Urinary Tract Infections- Marlene, the mom, claimed she washed her Spanx every day.  Dr Oz performed an experiment where he had Marlene put on booties.  On the floor was a mat with a circle in the middle.  The circle represented the anus.  On the mat was a small glass container with a green liquid inside.  This represented the infection.  (See where I’m going with this yet?)  Dr Oz gave Marlene a big, blue bouncy ball.  Marlene hopped on the ball and into the green liquid (the infection).  She then hopped around on the blue, bouncy ball around the red circle (the anus). She bounced around a few feet ahead of the anus.  This demonstrated (or at least was supposed to) that when wearing Spanx, or other shapewear, bacteria can move from the anus and cause a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  To prevent UTI’s, Dr Oz suggested washing the garment frequently or choosing shapewear that is a bit more open.

Dr Oz: Shapewear Causes Heartburn?

2. Pressure- The pressure it puts on the belly causes heartburn.  Dr Oz showed an animation of a normal intestinal system and how it worked without a girdle.  He then showed an animation with a tight girdle.  It doesn’t move as freely and causes irritation and could actually lead to cancer down the road.  To remedy this problem, Dr Oz suggested not wearing any type of shapewear for 30 minutes after eating.

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