Dr Oz: Speed Aging: Cat Camel Stretch, Aging Hands & Remember Names

Dr Oz did a segment called “Are You Speed Aging” because many of us feel like we are on the fast track to old age.  Here are some tips Doctor Oz gave us on how to slow down the clock and how to stop Speed Aging in its tracks. Dr Oz Are You Speed Aging

Dr Oz: Aging Hand Remedies

Dr Oz brought on a woman named Grace who said that her hands are Speed Aging and they look old, wrinkled and her veins pop out.  Grace said she uses creams and special soaps, but they always look the same.  Dr Oz showed an animation of how your skin loses a lot of its depth as you age and the veins become more apparent and the knuckles become more visible.  You want your skin to lie nicely, like it is covering a fluffy cushion.

Dr Oz: Aging Hands – Vegetable Shortening

Dr Oz said that you can lock the moisture into your hands by applying vegetable shortening.  While it is not something we should eat because it is bad for us, vegetable shortening is great for your skin.

Dr Oz: Aging Hands – Sunflower Oil Soap

Dr Oz said that you can also use a mild soap like a glycerin soap or a Sunflower Oil Soap because it will be less harsh on your skin.

Dr Oz: How to Remember Names

Dr Oz said another Speed Aging problem is that people have trouble recalling names and places.  A lady on Dr Oz’s Show said that she has trouble remembering just about everything – she even makes lists and loses the lists.  Dr Oz said that writing down lists, even if you lose them, are good because they help you to remember things.  Also, try eating food with Luteolin in them like carrots, peppers or celery.  Dr Oz also mentioned that blueberry juice or frozen blueberries is good for your memory – I wonder if this is because of all of the antioxidants in the blueberries.  Another way to decrease dementia is to walk 30 minutes every day.  My favorite tip of all is Dr Oz’s tip for how to remember names.  When you meet a new person, try to create a visual picture to help you remember their name.  For example, if the person’s name is Jack, picture their face as the Jack on a deck of cards.  If the person’s name is Grace, picture her as saying grace and praying before a meal.

Dr Oz: Cat Camel Stretch for Stiff Backs

Dr Oz’s last guest said that her Speed Aging happens with her stiff back.  She just cannot seem to move and feels old, even though she is only 42.  She wakes up stiff as a board every morning and it even hurts when she bends down.  Dr Oz said that heat works for stiff backs, so you can try Microwaveable Heating Pads ($20 online).  Dr Oz also said that there is a new theory on stretching called Active Stretching, which is where you move while you stretch.  You can do a stretch called the Cat Camel Stretch by going down on the ground on all fours.  Then act like a camel and arch your back up towards the ceiling while you let your head fall down between your arms on the ground.  Then act like a camel and push your back down towards the ground and bring your head up towards the ceiling.  Do this 10-15 times every day, and your back should be feeling better in no time!

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