Dr Oz: Spirulina & Birth Control, CoQ10 & Statins, B12 & Heartburn

By on March 28, 2011

Dr Oz Vitamins & Medication

Dr Oz: Vitamins To Take With Medication

Doctor Oz did a segment called Surprising Things You Must Take With Your Medication.  If you are on prescription drugs or even over-the-counter medication, the pills could be robbing you of nutrients.  Do you know the surprising things you must take when you take medications?  Dr Oz was joined by Suzy Cohen, author of Drug Muggers, to discuss the following important combinations: Spirulina and Birth Control Pills, CoQ10 and Statin Drugs, and Vitamin B12 and Heartburn Medication.  Dr Cohen said that all drugs rob our bodies of nutrients and every single one of them effect our digestive tract, so the first important supplement that everyone should take are Probiotic Supplements (which Dr Oz just spoke about recently in this segment: Dr Oz Probiotics).

Dr Oz: Statin Drugs & CoQ10

Doctor Oz said that a common side effect of Statins is muscle pain.  Statin Drugs help to lower cholesterol levels, but Dr Oz Statins & CoQ10change the nutrients in your body which can cause muscle pain.  By taking CoQ10, you feed your muscle cells and reduce muscle pain, muscle spasms, leg cramps and weakness.  Suzy Cohen suggested taking 100 mg CoQ10 once or twice daily.

Dr Oz: Spirulina & Birth Control Pills

Dr Oz said that depression is a common side effect of Birth Control Pills.  By taking Spirulina, a blue-green algae, you help to restore the minerals that your body loses by taking Birth Control Pills and you restore your happy brain chemicals.  Suzy Cohen said to take 1 gram of Spirulina 3-4 times daily.

Dr Oz: Heartburn Drugs & Vitamin B12

Dr Oz said that a common side effect of Heartburn Medication is fatigue.  The Heartburn Drugs effect the pH in your gut, which reduces the Vitamin B12 in your body that is needed for energy.  If you take Acid Blockers or Heartburn Medications, Suzy Cohen suggested taking 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 daily.

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