Dr Oz: Spleen & Monocytes: Immune System Vitals & Seat Belt Protection


Dr Oz said that the Spleen is an organ that we once thought had no purpose, but we now realize that this part of our body has a crucial lifesaving role.  Doctor Oz said he is completely fascinated by the spleen, because lots of cool things happen in your Spleen.  Plus, learn the number one way to protect your Spleen: a seat belt!

Dr Oz: Spleen is a Lymph Node

Dr Oz showed his assistant-of-the-day – Debbie from seat 75 a Spleen and she said it looks like a mushroom and is very Dr Oz Spleen Immune Systemtough.  Dr Oz said that the Spleen is actually a massive lymph node that changes the way that your immune system functions.  Your Spleen is located near your liver, which is on the right side, but your spleen is on the left side of your body.  Your Spleen filters all of your blood and maintains a healthy red blood cell and white blood cell function.  In fact, the Spleen is the most vascular organ in your body.

Dr Oz: How Many Gallons of Blood Go Through Your Spleen?

Dr Oz said that 95 gallons of blood pass through your Spleen every single day – that is A LOT of blood!  Why does your spleen suck up so much of the blood?  Because the Spleen serves as a reservoir for immune cells:

Dr Oz: Monocytes & Spleen

Dr Oz said that when you have an infection or bacteria in your body, your immune system makes Monocytes that go through your body to clean up the bacteria or virus.  Your Spleen releases these Monocytes that attatch onto the bacteria or viruses to remove them from your system.  This is one of the ways that your body defends itself.  In fact, Dr Oz said that people who have their spleen removed have an earlier incidence of death because their immune system cannot make as many Monocytes.

Dr Oz: Injured Spleen

Dr Oz said that when your Spleen gets injured, it often becomes enlarged.  What causes your Spleen to get enlarged?  It can be caused by things including liver issues, blood cancer, and even mononucleosis.

Dr Oz: Enlarged Spleen Symptoms

Dr Oz said that the following are symptoms of an Enlarged Spleen:


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    Dear Dr. Oz,
    IN Oct. 2006 I had my spleen removed, along with my gall bladder. Six months prior to that I had gastric bypass surgery. I have not been the same ever since. I am in and out of the hospital and always in pain/ Can’t eat without getting diarreha or really smelly gas. I see many Dr.s from gastronologist and more with no real answers or help. I am a 52 Year old woman who is desparate and needs expert advice. Please help your my last hope. Yours truly, Maggie Watkins

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    Dear Dr. Oz,
    I had my speen removed in 1992 due to a bad car accident. It was ruptured and they did emergency surgury. I have had no problems so far from the loss of my speen, but now I am a little nervous. Incidentally, I was told at the time of the accident that the strian of the seatbelt caused my speen to repture. I still wear mine all the time.

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