Dr Oz: St John’s Wort & Ginseng Health Scams: DynaMango Scam


Dr Oz DynaMango:

On the Dr Oz Show today, he gave 7 Of The Biggest Scams that he has dealt with since The Doctor Oz Show began in 2009.  One of his biggest pet peeves was the use of his name and picture on advertisements used to attract the public.  One such product is African Mango.  Last season, Dr Oz told his fans that African Mango was a “miracle in your medicine cabinet.” He mentioned the product once and since then many sites have used his name and image to promote their products.  Dr Oz then showed one such site, Dynamango.com.  In one weeks time, the site had received hundreds of visitors.  60 percent of those visitors, including Bonnie, a Dr Oz fan, clicked through to buy the product.  When Dr Oz revealed that he had created the faux website as an experiment, Bonnie claimed that she felt duped because she trusted sites that appeared to give Dr Oz’s endorsement.

Dr Oz Scams:

Michelle Madhok, an online shopping scam expert, told the audience to be wary of several scams that products use to prey on unsuspecting consumers. The 7 Biggest Scams Include:

1. If Results Are Too Good To Be True

We’ve all the seen the “Before and After” ads where half of the time the “before” and the “after” images don’t even look like the same person.  The photos in some of the ads even looked like they had been manipulated with Photoshop software—and not very well at that!  Michelle Madhok reinforced that if the results look like they are too good to be true, chances are it’s a scam.


  1. Jane Keplinger says

    Dr Oz, When I went into the consumer lab web site low and behold the site does not allow me to check on my vitamins and other supplements. They insist that I join the site by paying a monthly fee for a year. Is this another scam to help this site make money. Please have someone check these sites before you tell people to use it. Tell us that there is a yearly fee to access the site. I don’t usually watch your show and am not sure I will again.

  2. valerie says

    Where’s the consumerlab information. Very upsetting that a link that was suggested and promised isn’t easier to find. Very upsetting!!!

  3. consumer says

    Due to enormous traffic from the Dr. Oz offer, the ConsumerLab.com website has experienced delays. To accomodate Dr. Oz fans who may have had trouble, the 24 hour pass will be available through Monday and once you have the pass, it will be good for 48 hours to access the 3 free reports.

  4. Donna D;'Amico says

    I would like to know the consumer lab connection. I am most interested in the probiotics.

  5. Patti says

    It’s been 16 hrs. since I watched the show (Thurs) and I cannot locate a “link” or access either. I, too, went to the consumerlab.com and refuse to pay a yearly fee for this information. Perhaps you could just publish a list of some of the “accepted” brands…surely there are more than just two! (fish oil)

    Thank you.

  6. says

    I cannot get onto the site for consumerlab….it asks me to sign up and pay….it was suppose to be free…this is very frustrating as I have been trying since yesterdays show..please advise as to how to get the free 24 hr. pass.

  7. consumer says

    Please use the link I posted above. You will not be asked to pay anything to access the 3 free reports. Other reports are available to our members, so if you try to access those, you’ll see a pay screen, but you don’t have to pay for the 3 reports that are free.

  8. Gerry C. says

    What does it mean by 3 reports are free. Does that mean we can only check on 3 products or 3 Vitamin Companies.

  9. Dee says

    I agree i went to the dr.oz website but no consumerlab link when i search the oz site it brings up constipation. I go to the site like other and want money where was the one day free trial!

  10. consumer says

    Each report covers a category of supplements. The categories of the free reports are fish oil supplements, ginseng supplements, and St. John’s wort supplements.

  11. m. read says

    What link? There is no link. This looks like yet another health scam. No thanks “Dr.” Oz!!!
    No thanks, “Dr.” from Consumer Labs! Bye!

  12. carol williams says

    Where is the link for comsumerlab.com?? I haver tried all your pages.
    I was excited to think I could find information on my supplements. But, not//

  13. michelle says

    i looked at the website but still a little confused because most of the brand s that are there were sited for contamination soooo i have been buying a productcall rexall is this brand good please let me know.

  14. denise says

    Would like the name of the Valerian Root supplement that the lady on your show took that was found to be ok by Consumer Report. Could not find consumer lab report link.

  15. Jo Ann says

    Very disappointed that the Consumer Report that Dr Oz said we could access for 24 hrs only allowed three reports and wanted us to subscribe to so we could view any other reports.

  16. Anita says

    Do your own research. It looks like the CL site is just a money maker site. Do a search with these words: Evaluating The Evaluators from Consumer Labs. See what you think. “Companies voluntarily pay them thousands of dollars for favorable product analysis and reviews .”

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