Dr Oz: Standup Comedian & Triple Threat: Alcohol, Smoke & Diet


Doctor Oz had Dawn, a Stand-up Comedian, on the Dr Oz show to teach us that even if you are skinny, you can have serious health issues from bad lifestyle choices like the Triple Threat: alcohol, smoking and poor diet choices.  No matter how thin you are, if you smoke and drink, you are setting yourself up for some serious health problems.  Dawn is a comedian and often works late at night, and since drinks are free for comedians, she will sometimes have 5 or 6 drinks each night.  Add to the alcohol the fact that Dawn has been smoking for 12-14 years and now smokes between half a pack and a full pack of cigarettes every day.  Dawn’s attitude up until now has been “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  But Dr Oz was able to convince her that she should seriously rethink her lifestyle.  Standup Comedian & Triple Threat

Comedian Dawn’s Truth Tube Results:

Glucose: 69 , which is very low.  25% of women who run low blood sugar levels have no energy and their body cannot regulate their blood sugar because they simply are not eating enough.



  1. Juan says

    I saw Dawn after the segment and she had stopped smoking. Someone told me that she is smoking again. Are you guys following up with her? What happends after the segment?

  2. Nahtinqua says

    Yes, she did quit! But she has definately fell off the wagon….She is smokung again…. She needs a followup show!!!! ASAP!

  3. says

    leave her alone, dawn is trying! she did what oz said and was forgotten. wtf! she works in a high stress high drink and smoke field. she suceeded for a long time. no follow-up care that i knew of

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